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36 Individuals with the EVES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EVES, Almira E.1860
EVES, Ava Atta25 OCT 1853UNKNOWN
EVES, Charles Clark12 NOV 1855UNKNOWN
EVES, Dale C.Private
EVES, Daniel H.16 NOV 185721 JAN 1882
EVES, Derral
EVES, Elizabeth23 SEP 19799 MAY 1884
EVES, ElizabethWFT EST. 1766-1802WFT EST. 1799-1887
EVES, Ella J.Private
EVES, Ellie
EVES, Ellie Matilda9 MAY 1863UNKNOWN
EVES, Fay Myrla25 SEP 1939
EVES, Forest D.Dec 1862
EVES, IsaacABT 1756
EVES, James185915 SEP 1946
EVES, Jeanenne
EVES, John1868
EVES, Joseph5 DEC 181415 NOV 1887
EVES, Joseph Pearce27 JUN 1860UNKNOWN
EVES, Joshua Nathaniel
EVES, Logan Derral
EVES, Lydia
EVES, Marlene D.Private
EVES, Martha Elizabeth2 AUG 1851UNKNOWN
EVES, Mary Margaret25 JUL 1849UNKNOWN
EVES, Melvin EvesPrivate
EVES, Minnie Jane26 JAN 1867UNKNOWN
EVES, Rachel T.21 MAY 1897MAR 1975
EVES, Roger
EVES, Sarah
EVES, Susan
EVES, Theresa25 OCT 18895 AUG 1949
EVES, William W.9 JAN 1871UNKNOWN
EVES, Willis M.5 APR 184829 MAY 1850

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