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123 Individuals with the EPPS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EPPS, Ada V31 OCT 188921 MAR 1937
EPPS, Alan (Epse)BEF. 1505BEF. 22 Sep 1551
EPPS, Albert
EPPS, Alice E.24 Aug 1856
EPPS, Amanda1850
EPPS, Audrey
EPPS, Barbara
EPPS, Barbara Jeanette12 APR 1934
EPPS, Belle
EPPS, Bethany Lynne6 DEC 1984
EPPS, Betty CollenePrivate
EPPS, Betty CollenePrivate
EPPS, Beverly Robert23 Apr 184215 Mar 1920
EPPS, Carrie
EPPS, CharlesABT 1902
EPPS, Clinton
EPPS, Clinton
EPPS, DanielABT. 177514 APR 1827
EPPS, Daniel16716 Jan 1753
EPPS, Daniel
EPPS, DanielAbt 15986 Jan 1692
EPPS, David Ernest4 JAN 1964
EPPS, Debra Jean
EPPS, Dora Patton
EPPS, EdgarABT. 1914
EPPS, Elbert R15 Jan 189329 Dec 1965
EPPS, Elizabeth1695
EPPS, Elizabeth Jordan18 Sep 1683
EPPS, Elizabeth Martha17551801
EPPS, Emily Rosella13 Sep 188818 Sep 1940
EPPS, Ernest Allen17 MAY 18816 APR 1949
EPPS, Ernest Allen , Jr.
EPPS, Ernest Allen III
EPPS, Frances T.14 APR 17506 AUG 1823
EPPS, Francis16861734
EPPS, Francis (Epes)15 May 15971674
EPPS, Gales Bedford24 Mar 184714 May 1912
EPPS, George Washington27 DEC 1851AUG 1872
EPPS, Georgiana M.2 Jan 1861
EPPS, Glenn
EPPS, Gordon Rassi
EPPS, Harold Jackson
EPPS, Harold Jackson II11 May 1951
EPPS, Henry
EPPS, Henry Clay22 Mar 18517 Jun 1932
EPPS, Henry Moyer2 Jun 18821962
EPPS, Ida28 Feb 189128 Feb 1981
EPPS, IsaacABT. 1909
EPPS, James Roy
EPPS, James Thomas22 APR 1841CA 1870
EPPS, Jefferson Allen6 Oct 1954
EPPS, John
EPPS, John16261679
EPPS, John
EPPS, John (Eppes)19 Nov 1627
EPPS, John E19 APR 1838CA 14 APR 1865
EPPS, Jordan David26 DEC 1986
EPPS, Joseph
EPPS, Laura Elizabeth8 Apr 18541899
EPPS, Lemuel
EPPS, Lewis Albert3 Oct 185916 May 1906
EPPS, Lewis M25 Mar 18587 May 1859
EPPS, Lewis Wilbur27 Dec 188317 Jun 1901
EPPS, Lillian Imogene
EPPS, Lillie Belva9 Sep 189824 Oct 1989
EPPS, Lillie Mae
EPPS, Living
EPPS, Living
EPPS, Living
EPPS, Love
EPPS, LucyABOUT 1715
EPPS, Mable GertrudeOCT 1918
EPPS, Mahala C.
EPPS, Mahala C.
EPPS, Mahala C.
EPPS, Mahala C.
EPPS, Mahala C.
EPPS, Margaret10 OCT 180025 APR 1881
EPPS, Margaret GertrudeABT. 1911
EPPS, Margaret Louisa7 Apr 185424 Apr 1881
EPPS, Mariah Leigh18 JUN 1992
EPPS, Marie Loraine2 OCT 1918
EPPS, Martha10 APR 17125 NOV 1748
EPPS, MarthaABT 1692
EPPS, Martha Bolling1753
EPPS, Martha Elizabeth17501801
EPPS, Martha F. Inez21 Jun 1924
EPPS, Mary11 Apr 189628 Sep 1982
EPPS, Mary1849
EPPS, Mary (Mrs. Swayne)Abt 1727
EPPS, Mary Glorenia25 Nov 1840
EPPS, Michael23 APR 1704
EPPS, MichaelAbt 1678
EPPS, Mildadum "Mildred"1 Jul 184420 Apr 1920
EPPS, Nancy6 FEB 182828 OCT 1894
EPPS, Newton Eugene27 OCT
EPPS, Richard Henry1748
EPPS, Richard W.7 Jan 18271 Mar 1912
EPPS, Ricky Ray
EPPS, RubyABT. 1912
EPPS, SarahABT 1809
EPPS, Stanley
EPPS, Stanley
EPPS, Susan Alene
EPPS, Tabitha1755
EPPS, Tandy Lee6 Apr 18864 Jan 1954
EPPS, Temperance18461905
EPPS, Terry Douglas
EPPS, Thomas1840
EPPS, Thomas W.ABT. 1887
EPPS, TilfordPrivate
EPPS, TommyABT. 1913
EPPS, Wade
EPPS, Wade
EPPS, WesleyABT. 1910
EPPS, William
EPPS, William
EPPS, William David1809Jan 1893
EPPS, William H.H.15 MAR 1840
EPPS, William Martin3 Sep 18521924

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