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18 Individuals with the EALUM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EALUM, CatherineAbt 1852
EALUM, Eliza A.7 OCT 18632 SEP 1911
EALUM, Emma C.18581936
EALUM, EstherAbt 1855
EALUM, Evea C.OCT 1874
EALUM, Happy AnnJAN 1849
EALUM, Hapsebeth (Happy)1830
EALUM, Irving12 MAR 1849Abt 1860
EALUM, James Robert3 JUL 186114 DEC 1917
EALUM, Joel1828
EALUM, John18281867
EALUM, John Ambrose18501938
EALUM, Joseph J.MAR 18495 APR 1922
EALUM, Luquinia15 MAR 18674 DEC 1904
EALUM, Martha SusannahJUN 1852
EALUM, RebecahJAN 185323 APR 1914
EALUM, Solomon15 SEP 18254 MAR 1893
EALUM, SusannahAbt 1854

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