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36 Individuals with the EAKER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EAKER, Anna Barbara23 DEC 1749AFT 1800
EAKER, Anna BarbaraABT 1720ABT 1801
EAKER, Anna BarbaraABT 1749AFT 1800
EAKER, Barbara
EAKER, BarbaraC. 1749C. 1800
EAKER, CatharineABT 1753ABT Nov 1826
EAKER, Christian175330 Aug 1829
EAKER, ChristianABT 1722ABT 1777
EAKER, Christopher
EAKER, ElizabethABT 1767AFT 1800
EAKER, Felix G.15 SEP 1915
EAKER, Felix G.15 SEP 1915
EAKER, Frances SaraABT 1770BEF 1840
EAKER, Hans Peter1720ABT 10 Nov 1797
EAKER, Isabella1842
EAKER, Iva Beatrice2 NOV 1893
EAKER, Johannes JohnABT 1748ABT 1782
EAKER, Margaret29 NOV 18329 AUG 1911
EAKER, Margaret13 MAR 181122 SEP 1880
EAKER, Martha Lucille10 OCT 1922
EAKER, Mary1766
EAKER, Mary Elizabeth4 FEB 18383 DEC 1914
EAKER, Mary Elizabeth4 FEB 18383 DEC 1914
EAKER, MichaelABT 1755ABT Mar 1816
EAKER, Peter
EAKER, Peter
EAKER, Peter John HansABT Feb 1750/51BEF 12 Oct 1819
EAKER, Robert Lee
EAKER, Sarah Geraldine24 APR 1928
EAKER, SusannahABT 175927 Oct 1825
EAKER, Virginia YoungCA 1915
EAKER, William Armstrong
EAKER, William Armstrong

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