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26 Individuals with the EAGAR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EAGAR, Abraham14 SEP 1709
EAGAR, Benjamin17 MAY 1716
EAGAR, Bezaleel22 DEC 1713
EAGAR, ElizabethABT 1660
EAGAR, Emily Jane
EAGAR, EstherABT 1662
EAGAR, Hazadiah1 JUL 170113 FEB 1716
EAGAR, JacobABT 1668
EAGAR, John Edward1883
EAGAR, Lucy15 JUL 1707
EAGAR, Lydia3 JUL 1696
EAGAR, Martha15 AUG 16936 MAR 1746/47
EAGAR, Millicent22 FEB 1711/1224 DEC 1712
EAGAR, Miriam30 AUG 171212 FEB 1801
EAGAR, Phebe11 FEB 1703
EAGAR, Robert
EAGAR, Ross18 JUN 19333 FEB 1962
EAGAR, Ruth1 FEB 1677
EAGAR, Stacia
EAGAR, William Henrypre 1877
EAGAR, Zerubabel8 JUN 16729 JAN 1747
EAGAR, Zeruiah17 SEP 170512 SEP 1781

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