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44 Individuals with the DURES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DURES, Albert Edward23 Jan 19062 Dec 1992
DURES, Albert Edward23 JAN 19062 DEC 1992
DURES, Ashlyn Kate11 MAY 1999
DURES, Bess Constance11 NOV 18903 SEP 1944
DURES, Bess Constance11 Nov 18903 Sep 1944
DURES, Bradley
DURES, Cyndy Marie
DURES, David Penman15 JAN 1941
DURES, Doreen May29 DEC 1922
DURES, Elise Maree15 JAN 1993
DURES, Emmaline Pearl27 OCT 1933
DURES, Frances Joan3 NOV 1918
DURES, Frederick Dobson21 DEC 1928
DURES, George Henry12 JUN 190325 AUG 1958
DURES, George Henry12 Jun 190325 Aug 1958
DURES, Gregory
DURES, Hayley Margaret8 APR 1996
DURES, Helen Mary28 MAR 1935
DURES, Joanne25 MAR 1961
DURES, Joshua James29 APR 1994
DURES, Kenneth Ronald11 JUN 1955
DURES, Kirrily Maree21 NOV 1970
DURES, Kye Thomas19 JUN 1995
DURES, Martin Ronald11 MAY 1965
DURES, Noel Albert24 NOV 1939
DURES, Peter David1 FEB 1971
DURES, Phillis Sophia7 AUG 190027 JUL 1959
DURES, Phillis Sophia7 Aug 190027 Jul 1959
DURES, Robert George2 AUG 1932
DURES, Robert George
DURES, Rodney Mark22 MAY 1967
DURES, Ronald Gilbert15 NOV 1937
DURES, Sharon Elizabeth6 JUL 1967
DURES, Steven Noel23 MAR 1965
DURES, Thelma Ruby2 AUG 1932
DURES, Therese
DURES, Thomas Albert24 MAR 18968 AUG 1918
DURES, Thomas Albert24 Mar 18968 Aug 1918
DURES, William Clifford22 APR 1953
DURES, William Dobson24 MAR 18639 NOV 1948
DURES, William Dobson24 Mar 18639 Nov 1948
DURES, William Frederick11 MAY 18937 JAN 1948
DURES, William Frederick11 May 18937 Jan 1948

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