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27 Individuals with the DARES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DARES, Alan Clyde17 JUL 1948
DARES, Angela3 APR 1978
DARES, Carl Graham
DARES, Carl William12 JUL 18957 APR 1978
DARES, Clyde
DARES, Collin26 AUG 1992
DARES, Dana Andrew25 APR 1952
DARES, DanielABT 1814
DARES, Helen
DARES, HughJUL 1976
DARES, Jeffrey20 FEB 1980
DARES, Kathleen Roberta9 APR 1958
DARES, Lee Elizabeth21 JAN 1991
DARES, Martha Ann29 MAR 1947
DARES, Maxwell1 JAN 1982
DARES, Rachel10 MAY 1986
DARES, Robie St. Clair6 AUG 188627 APR 1962
DARES, Roy Graham10 MAY 188915 DEC 1956
DARES, Salter Beamish20 MAR 185028 MAY 1929
DARES, Savannah27 MAR 1993
DARES, Stephen Robert21 MAY 1956
DARES, Weldon Donald3 JUN 1950
DARES, ABT 190316 NOV 1995
DARES, 28 APR 19086 APR 1984
DARES, 4 OCT 188619 APR 1939
DARES, ABT 1817FEB 1975
DARES, 9 JUN 186028 MAY 1928

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