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23 Individuals with the CUFF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CUFF, Dorothy (Cutts)1538
CUFF, Dorothy (Cutts)1538
CUFF, EdithAUG 1897
CUFF, Elizabeth
CUFF, Francis1694
CUFF, Fred
CUFF, Fred J.26 MAY 1908MAY 1990
CUFF, Harry AlbertOCT 1870
CUFF, Henry15 JAN 18431 APR 1922
CUFF, Henry27 Dec 1855
CUFF, Iva Mae14 NOV 18958 MAR 1984
CUFF, James
CUFF, Laura Ann23 FEB 1947
CUFF, Leland E.30 JAN 191117 JAN 1998
CUFF, Lora Madge2 Sep 191823 Apr 1992
CUFF, Loretta
CUFF, Loretta
CUFF, Loretta
CUFF, Michael
CUFF, Robert J.24 MAY 1899MAY 1965
CUFF, William

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