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20 Individuals with the CAP Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CAP, Albina20 May 190127 Oct 1990
CAP, Albina7 Apr 189116 Nov 1923
CAP, Alois20 Jun 1826BEF. 5 Jun 1883
CAP, Anna1 Jan 1862Deceased
CAP, Annie31 Jul 18851 Jul 1963
CAP, Antonin29 Jan 1857Deceased
CAP, Bohimil23 Oct 1864Deceased
CAP, JakubBEF. 20 Jun 1824
CAP, Josef22 Jan 185210 Apr 1933
CAP, JosefABT. 1784BEF. 5 Jan 1849
CAP, Josephine1907Deceased
CAP, Karel22 Apr 1819Deceased
CAP, Lillian1904Deceased
CAP, Louis18768 Mar 1947
CAP, Marie14 May 1859Deceased
CAP, Otto A. , Jr.19 Dec 190512 Apr 1978
CAP, Otto A. , Sr.26 Oct 187925 Jan 1967
CAP, Petr Vojtech19 Apr 1850Deceased
CAP, Teresie5 Jun 1883Deceased
CAP, Vojtech22 Apr 1819Deceased

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