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1266 Individuals with the AUGER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
AUGER, .....masAbt 1787
AUGER, Aaron16 DEC 18541946
AUGER, AaronBef 1998
AUGER, Abraham
AUGER, Ada Louisa18853 JAN 1949
AUGER, Ada Mae14 JUN 18831966
AUGER, Adrianne Joan
AUGER, AdrienWFT Est. 1848-1880WFT Est. 1905-1967
AUGER, Adrien
AUGER, AgnesAUG 1870
AUGER, Agnes Maria
AUGER, Agnes Marianne1863
AUGER, Alan Giles
AUGER, Albert3 FEB 1899SEP 1978
AUGER, Albert1872
AUGER, Albert1877
AUGER, AlbertAbt 1869
AUGER, Albert James13 JAN 18851 MAR 1951
AUGER, Albert Raymond18801921
AUGER, AlcidasWFT Est. 1815-1856WFT Est. 1846-1941
AUGER, Alexandra Ruth
AUGER, Alexandra Wilson
AUGER, Alexandre
AUGER, Alfred
AUGER, Alfred1873
AUGER, Alfred191019 AUG 1938
AUGER, Alfred1867
AUGER, Alfred
AUGER, Alfred Arthur1887
AUGER, Alfred Crush11 APR 18313 MAY 1870
AUGER, Alice1869
AUGER, Alice1865
AUGER, AliceAbt 1841
AUGER, AliceAbt 1850
AUGER, Alice
AUGER, Alice
AUGER, Alice
AUGER, Alice Gertrude18701872
AUGER, Alice M
AUGER, Allan S.1833
AUGER, Allan Stoneham24 JUN 183220 FEB 1912
AUGER, Allen
AUGER, Allie
AUGER, Alma19051946
AUGER, Amanda Jane22 OCT 1984
AUGER, Amelie
AUGER, Amelie
AUGER, Amhurst
AUGER, Andree
AUGER, Andrew
AUGER, Andrew Claude19483 OCT 1986
AUGER, Anita Florence
AUGER, Anita Margaret21 NOV 19065 AUG 1988
AUGER, Ann1 NOV 1663
AUGER, Ann1780
AUGER, Ann1780
AUGER, Ann18277 JAN 1898
AUGER, Ann2 MAR 1747/1748
AUGER, Ann24 JAN 18081810
AUGER, Ann1763
AUGER, Ann1751
AUGER, Ann Margaret1868
AUGER, AnnaAPR 1882
AUGER, Annabella18141833
AUGER, Annie
AUGER, Annie18751933
AUGER, Annie1884
AUGER, Annie Auckland1880
AUGER, Annie May1864
AUGER, Anthony
AUGER, Anthony John
AUGER, Antoine3 MAY 176316 OCT 1764
AUGER, Arthur4 OCT 184121 FEB 1892
AUGER, Arthur19093 DEC 1981
AUGER, Arthur1918
AUGER, Arthur31 MAY 1872
AUGER, ArthurJUN 1882
AUGER, Arthur Ernest3 MAY 187828 MAY 1948
AUGER, Arthur H.18741874
AUGER, Arthur Horrace
AUGER, Arthur Howard187710 JAN 1934
AUGER, Athol Cawson18801953
AUGER, Athol James
AUGER, Audrey Laura19131971
AUGER, Auelluja
AUGER, Augustin23 NOV 1745
AUGER, Augustin15 APR 1763
AUGER, Augustin26 JAN 175923 NOV 1760
AUGER, Augustus Edward2 JUL 187516 JAN 1956
AUGER, Barbara Helen
AUGER, Barrie Timothy1 DEC 19511972
AUGER, Barry Norman
AUGER, Beatrice18881961
AUGER, Beatrice Maria1876
AUGER, Beatrice Mary9 Aug 1953
AUGER, Beatrice Mary9 Aug 1953
AUGER, Benjaman1869
AUGER, Benjamin17961867
AUGER, Benjamin13 JUL 1806
AUGER, Benjamin Edward1836Bef 1881
AUGER, BetseyAbt 1847
AUGER, Bevan Fleming
AUGER, Blanch28 MAY 1758
AUGER, Bonnie
AUGER, Brian22 NOV 1960
AUGER, Brian
AUGER, Brian Albert
AUGER, Brian Giles19341934
AUGER, Brian Keith
AUGER, Brian Keith
AUGER, Bridget1690
AUGER, Bridget Sarah
AUGER, Burt Ellis
AUGER, Calvin Lorrain
AUGER, Carol Frances
AUGER, Caroline10 DEC 189914 DEC 1990
AUGER, Caroline5 NOV 1882
AUGER, Caroline Elizabeth
AUGER, Caroline Jane
AUGER, Caterina20 OCT 1670
AUGER, Catheren26 DEC 1683
AUGER, Catherine
AUGER, Catherine5 JAN 1727
AUGER, Catherine
AUGER, Catherine Katy
AUGER, Catherine Lawry
AUGER, Catherine Mary1837
AUGER, Cathy Jean
AUGER, Cecil Erle15 MAR 18889 SEP 1888
AUGER, Cecil Garth
AUGER, Celia Mary
AUGER, Charles
AUGER, Charles22 SEP 176125 DEC 1764
AUGER, Charles
AUGER, Charles
AUGER, Charles26 MAR 1797
AUGER, Charles18 APR 18298 JAN 1890
AUGER, Charles1858
AUGER, Charles1851
AUGER, Charles
AUGER, CharlesAbt 1814
AUGER, Charles23 MAR 180619 APR 1807
AUGER, Charles
AUGER, Charles19071958
AUGER, Charles2 APR 188220 JUL 1958
AUGER, Charles1869
AUGER, Charles23 OCT 18591935
AUGER, Charles17611820
AUGER, Charles179617 AUG 1878
AUGER, Charles18364 JUL 1917
AUGER, CharlesAbt 1811
AUGER, Charles18631868
AUGER, Charles Earl
AUGER, Charles Earl18771935
AUGER, Charles Frederick1873
AUGER, Charles J.
AUGER, Charles James
AUGER, Charles Spurgeon26 JUL 1893JAN 1967
AUGER, Charles Sweeting8 MAR 181011 JAN 1861
AUGER, Charles Vernon27 MAR 1872
AUGER, Charles William1875
AUGER, Charlotte
AUGER, CharlotteAbt 17881803
AUGER, Charlotte26 JUL 1812APR 1819
AUGER, Charlotte1867
AUGER, Charlotte1841
AUGER, Charlotte Anne
AUGER, Charlotte Mary18401862
AUGER, Charlotte Matilda18201829
AUGER, Charlotte MayAbt 1880
AUGER, Chris
AUGER, Christianna1859
AUGER, Christine
AUGER, Christine F
AUGER, Christopher
AUGER, Christopher
AUGER, Christopher
AUGER, Christopher B.
AUGER, Christopher Bidwell
AUGER, Christopher Fugere21 Apr 1976
AUGER, Christopher Fugere21 Apr 1976
AUGER, Christopher J
AUGER, Clair
AUGER, Claire Elizabeth
AUGER, Claire Louise
AUGER, Clara G1878
AUGER, Clare Grant
AUGER, Clare Grant
AUGER, Clarence Oliver25 SEP 1898Aft 1951
AUGER, Clarice
AUGER, Claude3 APR 188122 MAY 1963
AUGER, Claudia Jean
AUGER, Claudine Suzanne
AUGER, Clayton E.
AUGER, Coburn Bruce
AUGER, Colin Stuart
AUGER, Coralie Alma
AUGER, Corey
AUGER, Cyrus H1871
AUGER, Daniel
AUGER, Daniel
AUGER, Daniel David
AUGER, Daniel Jarrett
AUGER, Danielle Marie
AUGER, Daphne June
AUGER, Daughter
AUGER, David
AUGER, David
AUGER, David C.MAR 187414 FEB 1943
AUGER, David Colin J
AUGER, David George
AUGER, David R
AUGER, David Robinson
AUGER, David Roger
AUGER, David Wayne
AUGER, David Winston
AUGER, Debbie Gwen
AUGER, Deidre Louise
AUGER, Delphine
AUGER, Demosthene1825
AUGER, Derek Neil Willis
AUGER, DoraWFT Est. 1877-1892WFT Est. 1899-1980
AUGER, Dora11 APR 1879
AUGER, Doris
AUGER, Dorothy
AUGER, Dorothy Evangeline
AUGER, Douglas
AUGER, Duane Walters
AUGER, Edeard Graeme
AUGER, Edgar Louis10 JAN 1883
AUGER, Edith
AUGER, Edith1873
AUGER, Edith Sophia1878
AUGER, Edna18821932
AUGER, Edouardina
AUGER, Edric Leslie
AUGER, Edward1 NOV 1657
AUGER, Edward
AUGER, Edward16 SEP 1691
AUGER, Edward
AUGER, Edward15 MAY 1695

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