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136 Individuals with the AGAR Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
AGAR, Aaron
AGAR, Absalom22 FEB 1778
AGAR, Absalom19 OCT 1811
AGAR, Aguris
AGAR, Alice9 MAR 1773
AGAR, Ann25 MAY 1713
AGAR, Ann11 SEP 1825
AGAR, Ann11 MAY 1823
AGAR, Anna18 JAN 1669/1670
AGAR, Anna5 JAN 1675/1676
AGAR, Anne2 SEP 1697
AGAR, Barnard
AGAR, Benjamin14 SEP 1943
AGAR, Benjamin6 JAN 1699/1700
AGAR, Catharine Anne16 JAN 1820
AGAR, Charles
AGAR, Charles Welbore Herbert14 DEC 1824
AGAR, Christavellus26 JUL 1687
AGAR, Christiana Anne7 SEP 1817
AGAR, Christiana Jane19 DEC 1802
AGAR, Debbie May25 May 1960
AGAR, Elizabath14 MAR 1682/1683
AGAR, Elizabeth
AGAR, Elizabeth7 APR 1726
AGAR, Elizabeth22 SEP 1710
AGAR, Elizabeth18 FEB 1697/1698
AGAR, Elizabeth24 SEP 1826
AGAR, Elizabeth17 APR 1796
AGAR, Elizabeth22 FEB 1800
AGAR, Elizabeth16 JUL 1815
AGAR, Elizabetha10 FEB 1690/1691
AGAR, Elizabetha21 MAR 1679/1680
AGAR, Emanuel11 NOV 1770
AGAR, Ernest George Tasman1890
AGAR, Esther5 MAY 1715
AGAR, Esther5 JUN 1771
AGAR, Eva17 JUN 1948
AGAR, Francis
AGAR, Francis
AGAR, Francis12 MAR 1822
AGAR, Francis
AGAR, George
AGAR, George
AGAR, George9 MAR 1826
AGAR, George Thomas12 Nov 19303 May 1962
AGAR, Gratia14 OCT 1679
AGAR, Harriet23 SEP 1818
AGAR, Henery
AGAR, Henrici8 APR 1685
AGAR, Henry
AGAR, Henry
AGAR, Henry
AGAR, Isabel10 JUN 1808
AGAR, James22 Nov 188812 Aug 1915
AGAR, James Fargaharson25 MAR 1802
AGAR, Jana2 DEC 1689
AGAR, Jane2 MAY 1695
AGAR, Jane24 DEC 1809
AGAR, Jane3 FEB 1778
AGAR, Jemima3 APR 1748
AGAR, Jemima4 JUN 1773
AGAR, John3 MAY 1703
AGAR, John
AGAR, JohnAUG 1625
AGAR, John
AGAR, John14 NOV 1813
AGAR, John
AGAR, Joseph19 DEC 1703
AGAR, Joseph
AGAR, Kelly Maree29 Nov 1979
AGAR, Kelly Maree
AGAR, Laurence19 DEC 1699
AGAR, Lawrance
AGAR, Lawrence
AGAR, Lawrence
AGAR, Leonie25 Mar 1957
AGAR, Lettice158016 MAR 1620/21
AGAR, Lettice157716 MAR 1620/21
AGAR, Lucy Diana16 APR 1766
AGAR, Luella2 AUG 1975
AGAR, Margaret29 DEC 1824
AGAR, Maria4 FEB 1670/1671
AGAR, Mary16 JUL 1729
AGAR, Mary16 NOV 1693
AGAR, Mary
AGAR, Mary Ann26 JUN 1799
AGAR, Matthew28 DEC 1817
AGAR, Michael
AGAR, Moses
AGAR, Nicole Louise24 Mar 1986
AGAR, Paul
AGAR, Paul Thomas8 Sep 1958
AGAR, Rebecca19 OCT 1775
AGAR, Reginald Clarence
AGAR, Richar
AGAR, Richard
AGAR, Richard29 MAR 1655
AGAR, Robert31 OCT 1698
AGAR, Robert
AGAR, Robert
AGAR, Robert Trowhet29 DEC 1824
AGAR, Samewell25 MAY 1696
AGAR, Sarah28 OCT 1715
AGAR, Saray1 NOV 1745
AGAR, Seth18 NOV 1677
AGAR, Seth
AGAR, Seth5 MAY 1717
AGAR, Thomas18 APR 1682
AGAR, Thomas22 JUL 1674
AGAR, Thomas10 OCT 1697
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas26 MAR 1815
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas
AGAR, Thomas25 JAN 1802
AGAR, Thomas1843
AGAR, Welbore Ellis
AGAR, William
AGAR, William
AGAR, William20 DEC 1727
AGAR, William
AGAR, William
AGAR, William
AGAR, William1 OCT 1820
AGAR, William6 FEB 1803
AGAR, William
AGAR, William16 JAN 1803
AGAR, William26 OCT 1823
AGAR, William1884
AGAR, William Atkinson19 SEP 1809
AGAR, William Lifford10 SEP 1803

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