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54 Individuals with the YARD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
YARD, Anne4 JAN 1775
YARD, Archibald William
YARD, Benjamin17181808
YARD, BenjaminABT 1688
YARD, Benjamin16791732
YARD, Charles1858
YARD, Elizabeth17221792
YARD, ElizabethBET. 1721 - 1722AFT 1792
YARD, Elizabeth17151763
YARD, Elizabeth1763
YARD, ElizabethABT 1678BET. 1718 - 1719
YARD, GeorgeABT 168421 SEP 1758
YARD, George1758
YARD, Henry
YARD, James16781724
YARD, JamesABT 1686
YARD, Jethro17221760
YARD, JohnABT 1682FEB 1732/1733
YARD, John17121765
YARD, John16761732
YARD, Joseph17071763
YARD, JosephBET. 1647 - 16526 APR 1716
YARD, Joseph16471716
YARD, JosephBET. 1672 - 16751 MAY 1738
YARD, Joseph16721738
YARD, Letitia
YARD, Living
YARD, MaryBET. 1717 - 1718AFT 1781
YARD, Mary17181781
YARD, Mary17071739
YARD, MaryBET. 1671 - 169221 MAR 1702/1703
YARD, Mary16711703
YARD, Rachel1720
YARD, RachelBET. 1719 - 1790
YARD, Roger
YARD, Roger
YARD, Sarah172424 AUG 1796
YARD, Sarah17241796
YARD, Susan
YARD, Susannah17251789
YARD, SusannahBET. 1724 - 1725
YARD, ThomasABT 16701695
YARD, Thomas
YARD, Thomas16701695
YARD, Unknown At
YARD, William
YARD, William16751744
YARD, William
YARD, William
YARD, William16808 DEC 1744
YARD, William17091759
YARD, ?4 JAN 1863

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