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68 Individuals with the WALD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WALD, Aaron20 MAR 1976
WALD, Agatha24 Nov 1917
WALD, Alden9 JAN 1948
WALD, Aloyis
WALD, Ben C.
WALD, Char
WALD, Connie Lou10 MAR 1968
WALD, Cynthia24 JUL 1958
WALD, Cynthia24 JUL 1959
WALD, Darthea
WALD, Deana30 OCT 1961
WALD, Della7 SEP 1943
WALD, Diane Esther8 Nov 1956
WALD, Donald4 JUL 1938
WALD, Douglas2 JUN 1970
WALD, Duane19 NOV 1962
WALD, Elmer Ignatz16 APR 1949
WALD, Eunice Elizabeth25 Feb 1934
WALD, Fran
WALD, Francie10 MAR 1957
WALD, Frank
WALD, Frank
WALD, Gerald
WALD, Glen
WALD, H. Sterling1 OCT
WALD, Harvey5 MAY 1943
WALD, Isadore I.7 AUG 1947
WALD, James
WALD, Jeanett M.28 MAR 1950
WALD, Jeffery16 AUG 1974
WALD, John C.
WALD, Jonathan Gerald
WALD, Julia19 JAN 1968
WALD, Karen Frances23 APR 1952
WALD, Laureen
WALD, Lavata8 JUN 1943
WALD, Lorraine13 OCT 1952
WALD, Luella5 AUG 1945
WALD, Magadlene
WALD, Marion Vida5 Jun 19287 Jun 1942
WALD, Markus M.24 AUG 1924
WALD, Markus W.2 JAN 1950
WALD, Mary28 JUL 1941
WALD, Mary Kath.5 JUL 1960
WALD, Mary Lou24 AUG 1953
WALD, Megan
WALD, Melissa
WALD, Michele Marie13 JAN 1973
WALD, Mildred17 FEB 1944
WALD, Pamela3 JUN 1964
WALD, Paulette
WALD, Peter Stewart9 Mar 1970
WALD, Renae
WALD, Rodney Peter17 Apr 1924
WALD, Roger John17 Apr 19241 May 1924
WALD, Rosalia22 FEB 1918
WALD, Roy "Dune"19411983
WALD, Roy "Dune"19411983
WALD, Sheila
WALD, Stanley
WALD, Stanley M.1 NOV 1916
WALD, Stephen23 NOV 1966
WALD, Steven
WALD, Theodore
WALD, Ulrich10 Oct 1896
WALD, Victoria Pauline27 JAN 1952
WALD, Viola6 MAR 1952
WALD, William

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