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47 Individuals with the VERCH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
VERCH, Albert1920
VERCH, Arthur1906
VERCH, August
VERCH, Beatrice1929
VERCH, Bethoc Beatrix984
VERCH, Bethoc Beatrix984
VERCH, Brenda
VERCH, Claude1934
VERCH, Coreen1943
VERCH, Debbie
VERCH, Donald
VERCH, Donald
VERCH, Earnest1922
VERCH, Ecgfrida959
VERCH, Ecgfrida959
VERCH, Edmund1936
VERCH, Edmund1914
VERCH, Ellard
VERCH, Ernest1922
VERCH, Fred1874
VERCH, Fred Jr1907
VERCH, Garry
VERCH, Gerald1909
VERCH, Gilbert1916
VERCH, Gustav1908
VERCH, Herbert1891
VERCH, James
VERCH, Janet
VERCH, Johann1900
VERCH, Leonard1902
VERCH, Lloyd1931
VERCH, Ludwig1857
VERCH, Ludwig18891918
VERCH, Marline1933
VERCH, Martin1906
VERCH, Richard
VERCH, Robert1895
VERCH, SigeABT 970
VERCH, SigeABT 970
VERCH, Victor1902
VERCH, Victor1925
VERCH, Walter18941918
VERCH, Walter1919
VERCH, Wayne1940
VERCH, Willard1930
VERCH, William1888

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