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30 Individuals with the STRACK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
STRACK, Anna Bertha19 Feb 1877ABT 1974
STRACK, Chad Vincent11 APR 1971
STRACK, Elizabeth18713 FEB 1949
STRACK, Elsie J.Mar 18871888-1981
STRACK, Emma B.Sep 18781879-1972
STRACK, George
STRACK, Helen M.5 May 1883ABT May 1971
STRACK, Henry Philip29 Dec 1768
STRACK, John1920
STRACK, Johnny
STRACK, JosephJun 185423 Sep 1921
STRACK, JuliusOCT 1948
STRACK, Katrina Lynn?
STRACK, Kimberly Kay?
STRACK, MargaretheAbt 171015 Oct 1737
STRACK, Martha
STRACK, Olivine21 SEP 18752 APR 1899
STRACK, Phillipi1803-18341859-1920
STRACK, Quintin Nicholas6 DEC 1973
STRACK, Raymond?
STRACK, Raymond , 2nd.?
STRACK, Ricky1963
STRACK, Sarah L.13 OCT 1981
STRACK, Sherry1964
STRACK, Sonja Lee9 OCT 1968
STRACK, Tommy1962
STRACK, Vincent Lee14 MAR 1946

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