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47 Individuals with the SHENTON Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SHENTON, Albert Harryc. 1864
SHENTON, Annie12 Feb 181714 Jul 1899
SHENTON, Bryan Ec. 1900
SHENTON, Charlotte4 Jun 181322 Sep 1857
SHENTON, Doewell18 Jun 16061 Jul 1606
SHENTON, Dowell18 JUN 1606
SHENTON, Dowella25 NOV 1607
SHENTON, Dowella25 Nov 1607
SHENTON, Edward17941871
SHENTON, Edwardc. 1827
SHENTON, Elizabeth29 Aug 1824
SHENTON, Florence Gc. 1866
SHENTON, Geoffrey James H1895
SHENTON, Harrietc. 1830
SHENTON, Hazel Bell
SHENTON, Henry Josephc. 183215 Oct 1896
SHENTON, Jamesc. 1837
SHENTON, John155730 Jul 1609
SHENTON, John155730 JUL 1609
SHENTON, Johnc. 18201886
SHENTON, John15771609
SHENTON, Maryc. 18341894
SHENTON, Mary Theophala Lettitiac. 1860
SHENTON, Peares1530
SHENTON, PearesAbt 1530
SHENTON, Randolph15591621
SHENTON, Randolph
SHENTON, RichardAbt 1480
SHENTON, RichardAbt 1505Abt 1557
SHENTON, Richard
SHENTON, Richard
SHENTON, Robert1552
SHENTON, Robert1555Abt 1620
SHENTON, RobertAbt 1552
SHENTON, Sarah20 MAR 1607/081685
SHENTON, Sarah16031685
SHENTON, Sarah20 Mar 1609Abt 1685
SHENTON, Susan28 NOV 1609
SHENTON, Theophila22 Jan 18151898
SHENTON, ThomasAbt 1607
SHENTON, ThomasAbt 1610
SHENTON, ThomasAbt 1475Abt 1496
SHENTON, Thomas (Scheynton)Abt 14531487
SHENTON, William21 Apr 1822
SHENTON, WilliamAbt 1609Abt 1667
SHENTON, WilliamAbt 1612Abt 1667

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