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34 Individuals with the SHAPLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SHAPLEY, Abigail12 JUN 1715
SHAPLEY, BenjaminAbt Jul 1645Abt 15 Oct 1706
SHAPLEY, Daniel14 Feb 1688/1689Abt 2 Jul 1753
SHAPLEY, David9 MAY 174224 AUG 1815
SHAPLEY, David16501720
SHAPLEY, David16775 OCT 1737
SHAPLEY, David26 AUG 1705
SHAPLEY, David6 OCT 176023 JUN 1827
SHAPLEY, Dunham30 JAN 1779
SHAPLEY, Fannie M27 Sep 180412 Jul 1838
SHAPLEY, Hepzibah
SHAPLEY, James27 NOV 187120 JUL 1872
SHAPLEY, Jarred WilsonPrivate
SHAPLEY, Jerome BonaparteABT 1848UNKNOWN
SHAPLEY, John1710
SHAPLEY, LouisPrivate
SHAPLEY, Lydia17 JUN 1722
SHAPLEY, Mary19 MAY 1717
SHAPLEY, Mary Mariah25 MAR 187028 AUG 1970
SHAPLEY, Rachel27 NOV 187124 MAR 1872
SHAPLEY, Richard6 APR 1707
SHAPLEY, Richard
SHAPLEY, Ruth30 Oct 1729
SHAPLEY, Sarah MABT 1857
SHAPLEY, Talbert4 JUL 18796 SEP 1915
SHAPLEY, Theodore
SHAPLEY, Theodore
SHAPLEY, Thomas17 MAY 1724
SHAPLEY, William19 APR 1719

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