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2039 Individuals with the ROSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROSE, (1) Mary
ROSE, (1) Mary
ROSE, (1) Mary
ROSE, (1) Mrs. John
ROSE, (__)
ROSE, --
ROSE, ???ABT 1690
ROSE, A.E. (Rev.)CA 1873
ROSE, Aaron
ROSE, Aaron W.8 JUL 1821
ROSE, Abby (Abbie)13 JUN 184130 SEP 1899
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, Abigail28 MAR 16931 DEC 1725
ROSE, AbigailBEF 29 NOV 1590
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, Abigail28 MAR 16931 DEC 1725
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, AbigailBEF 29 NOV 1590
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, Abigail
ROSE, Abigail1575
ROSE, Abijah8 OCT 180616 AUG 1895
ROSE, Abraham
ROSE, Abraham
ROSE, Abraham
ROSE, Abraham25 SEP 1828
ROSE, Abraham
ROSE, Ada L.ABT 1858
ROSE, Adelaide9 Dec 184922 Aug 1928
ROSE, Adeline L.
ROSE, Adeline V.
ROSE, Aggie Isabelle7 JUL 1891
ROSE, Alain25 Jun 1958
ROSE, ALBERT G.18921967
ROSE, Albert R.ABT 1860
ROSE, Albert Sidney1872WFT Est. 1873-1962
ROSE, Albert W
ROSE, Albert W
ROSE, AlbertaMAR QRT 18771 JUL 1933
ROSE, Alesia Rae27 JUN 1959
ROSE, Alexander
ROSE, Alexander1867WFT Est. 1902-1958
ROSE, Alexander17721850
ROSE, Alfred
ROSE, Alfred D.13 JUN 1832
ROSE, Alice
ROSE, Alice
ROSE, Alice
ROSE, AliceDEC 1896
ROSE, Alice DenziaBEF. 1823
ROSE, Alice Victoria Ellen1896
ROSE, Alice VirginiaBET 1862 AND 1882
ROSE, Allison13 SEP 1961
ROSE, Almira
ROSE, Alonzo
ROSE, Alta Opal
ROSE, Alvie8 MAY 1911
ROSE, Alvin13 AUG 1910JAN 1992
ROSE, Amaziah?
ROSE, Amelia L.WFT Est. 1809-1833WFT Est. 1854-1922
ROSE, Amos
ROSE, Amy Elizabeth
ROSE, Amy Lynn11 OCT 1976
ROSE, Andrew
ROSE, Andrew25 OCT 1782
ROSE, Andrew1993
ROSE, Andrew
ROSE, Andrew
ROSE, Andrew
ROSE, Andrew1993
ROSE, Andrew , Jr.ABT 1725
ROSE, Andrew Bluford19 JUL 1889
ROSE, Andrew I1658
ROSE, Andrew J.
ROSE, Andrew J.
ROSE, Andrew Jackson13 Sep 1889
ROSE, Andrew N1842
ROSE, Andrew Walker23 MAY 1923
ROSE, Andrew Wesley12 MAY 1856
ROSE, Angela Margaret3 Jun 1975
ROSE, Angela Marie23 MAY 1967
ROSE, Angela Sue
ROSE, Angeline6 Feb 18671 Mar 1946
ROSE, AnitaABT 1940
ROSE, AnnABT. 1826
ROSE, AnnAug 1814Jun 1866
ROSE, Ann Victoria4 Jun 183923 May 1878
ROSE, Anna8 FEB 1847
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, Anna
ROSE, AnnaPrivate
ROSE, Anna10 MAY 189115 AUG 1982
ROSE, Anna Heinrichowa
ROSE, Anna Jane
ROSE, Anna Lou29 MAR 193415 JUL 1968
ROSE, Anna Louisa1865WFT Est. 1866-1959
ROSE, Anna Stevens17 AUG 17832 OCT 1869
ROSE, Anne
ROSE, Anne26 Sep 1628
ROSE, Anne
ROSE, Anne20 Sep 173510 May 1798
ROSE, Anne
ROSE, Anne176718 AUG 1846
ROSE, Anne
ROSE, Anne1767
ROSE, AnneABT 1820
ROSE, Anne20 Aug 1818
ROSE, Annie
ROSE, Annie Rickard2 JUN 187625 JUN 1965
ROSE, Ansel
ROSE, AnsonWFT Est 1836-1873WFT Est 1862-1951
ROSE, ArchieABT 1891
ROSE, Arline
ROSE, Arminda A.JUN 1826
ROSE, Arthur
ROSE, Arthur Barnwell DoctorWFT Est. 1808-1839WFT Est. 1874-1924
ROSE, Arthur Berson6 NOV 189717 FEB 1972
ROSE, Arthur Gordon14 Aug 18578 Feb 1891
ROSE, Arthur Norman26 OCT 1914FEB 2000
ROSE, Asa25 MAY 1746
ROSE, Audrey2 JAN 1995
ROSE, Augustus S.
ROSE, Ava D1832
ROSE, Barbara19 FEB 1748/4928 FEB 1782
ROSE, Barlow1784
ROSE, Bedford Forrest20 SEP 1921
ROSE, Belinda Sue
ROSE, BelleABT 1877
ROSE, Benjamin1725
ROSE, Benjamin2 SEP 1797
ROSE, Benjamin1772
ROSE, Benjamin1725
ROSE, Benjamin1772
ROSE, Benjamin Arthur9 SEP 1944
ROSE, Benjamin Arthur9 SEP 1944
ROSE, Benjamin BAbt 1806Bef 1850
ROSE, Benjamin F.10 OCT 1891
ROSE, Benjamin Harrison8 AUG 189223 SEP 1952
ROSE, Benjamin SBEF 1870
ROSE, Bernard
ROSE, Berson Horace19 MAY 192230 JUL 1945
ROSE, Bert Carl23 MAY 1962
ROSE, Bertha
ROSE, Bertha FlorenceDead
ROSE, Betsey
ROSE, Betsey7 AUG 1816BEF 1870
ROSE, Betsey7 AUG 1816BEF 1870
ROSE, Betty
ROSE, Betty Ann1 AUG 1950
ROSE, Betty Carol
ROSE, Betty Jean
ROSE, Betty Lou1927
ROSE, Betty Tennessee1 AUG 1872
ROSE, Beverly
ROSE, Beverly Sophroni
ROSE, Billie Revonda
ROSE, Billie Revonda
ROSE, Bobby Lee16 AUG 1963
ROSE, Bobby Lee16 AUG 1963
ROSE, Bonita13 JUL 1936
ROSE, Bonita13 JUL 1936
ROSE, Boyd Eugene9 NOV 1916
ROSE, Brandon Larry
ROSE, Brenda Charlotte6 MAR 1947
ROSE, Brian Edwin
ROSE, Burrough18 SEP 1856NOV 1923
ROSE, Byron Jack21 JAN 1905
ROSE, Caddie15 Apr 1889
ROSE, CalderWFT EST. 1841-1880WFT EST. 1850-1957
ROSE, Calvin B.27 SEP 1815
ROSE, Captain Phineas(UNKNOWN)
ROSE, Carl
ROSE, Carla
ROSE, Carmer29 Feb 18911917
ROSE, Carol16 Dec 1948
ROSE, Carol
ROSE, Carol
ROSE, Carol Lynn
ROSE, Carol Marie
ROSE, Carol Marie
ROSE, Caroline
ROSE, Caroline WoodABT 1865
ROSE, Carolyn Fay26 FEB 1934
ROSE, Carolyn Naomi26 May 1944
ROSE, Carrie
ROSE, CarrieABT 1866
ROSE, CarrolABT 1839
ROSE, CarrollAbt 1817
ROSE, CarynPrivate
ROSE, Catharine
ROSE, Catharine23 JUL 1815BEF 1866
ROSE, Catherine(PRIVATE)
ROSE, CatherineWFT EST. 1841-1880WFT EST. 1850-1960
ROSE, Catherine
ROSE, Catherine
ROSE, Catherine1875
ROSE, Catherine(UNKNOWN)
ROSE, Catherine
ROSE, Catherine16 JAN 181612 FEB 1889
ROSE, CatherinePrivate
ROSE, Catherine26 JAN 1863ABT 1954
ROSE, Catherine Ann "Katy"1869-1898
ROSE, Caylee Ann19 JUN 1980
ROSE, Cecil7 MAR 1908DEC 1977
ROSE, Celia
ROSE, Celia
ROSE, Celia1 AUG 1794
ROSE, Cenus SylvesterABT 1847
ROSE, Chapman10 NOV 1791
ROSE, Charles1857
ROSE, Charles
ROSE, Charles
ROSE, CharlesWFT Est 1845-1884WFT Est 1854-1961
ROSE, Charles
ROSE, Charles12 OCT 167929 JUL 1745
ROSE, Charles C
ROSE, Charles EdgarABT 1893
ROSE, Charles Grandison8 JUN 18801930
ROSE, Charles Grandison1 AUG 1912
ROSE, Charles Lamrud21 Jan 18901961
ROSE, Charles Monroe15 Jul 1922ABT. 1990
ROSE, Charles R1874
ROSE, Charles Roderick
ROSE, Charles WilliamABT 1862

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