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109 Individuals with the PALATINE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PALATINE, Adolf of
PALATINE, Alexander Prince Of16 Apr 166324 Jan 1737
PALATINE, Anna Eleonore Princess Of26 Dec 159824 May 1600
PALATINE, Anna Maria ofAbt 1555Bef 1593
PALATINE, Anna Princess_of23 JUL 164823 FEB 1723
PALATINE, Anna, Princess Of
PALATINE, Beatrix ofAbt 112215 Nov 1184
PALATINE, Benedikte Henriette Princess_of14 MAR 165212 AUG 1730
PALATINE, BertholdAbt 94226 Aug 990
PALATINE, Charles Louis of16171680
PALATINE, Charles Theodore of172416 Feb 1799
PALATINE, Charlotte, Electress ofABT 1617
PALATINE, Christine Princess Of6 Jan 157311/21 Jul 1619
PALATINE, ChrodobertII CountAFT. 678
PALATINE, Doda ofAbt 653
PALATINE, Dorothea Elisabeth Princess Of12 Jan 15657 Mar 1565
PALATINE, Dorothea Princess Of8 Jul 16705 Sep 1748
PALATINE, Dorothea Princess Of4 Aug 156610 Mar 1568
PALATINE, Eduard Prince Of6 Oct 162413 Mar 1663
PALATINE, Eduard Prince_of5 OCT 162513 MAR 1663
PALATINE, Eleonore Princess Of6 Jan 165519 Jan 1720
PALATINE, Elisabeth Charlotte Princess Of7 Nov 159716 Apr 1660
PALATINE, Elisabeth Charlotte Princess Of27 May 16528 Dec 1722
PALATINE, Elisabeth Charlotte Princess_of27 MAY 16528 DEC 1722
PALATINE, Elisabeth Princess Of24 Nov 157610 Apr 1577
PALATINE, Elisabeth Princess Of15 Jun 15622/12 Nov 1562
PALATINE, Elizabeth Charlotte of
PALATINE, Elizabeth Charlotte of TheAbt 1600Aft 1620
PALATINE, Elizabeth Princess of26 DEC 161821 FEB 1680
PALATINE, Ermentrude
PALATINE, Ezzo of95521 MAY 1034
PALATINE, Franz Ludwig Prince Of18 Jul 166418 Apr 1732
PALATINE, Frederick I of14251476
PALATINE, Frederick II of14821556
PALATINE, Frederick III of15151576
PALATINE, Frederick IV of15741610
PALATINE, Friedrich IV Elector Of5 Mar 15749 Sep 1610
PALATINE, Friedrich Philipp Prince Of19 Oct 156714 Nov 1568
PALATINE, Friedrich Prince Of12 May 165313 May 1653
PALATINE, Friedrich Prince_of12 MAY 165313 MAY 1653
PALATINE, Friedrich V Elector Of16 Aug 159619 Nov 1632
PALATINE, Friedrich V Elector_ofABT 1596
PALATINE, Friedrich Wilhelm Prince20 Jul 166513 Jul 1689
PALATINE, Gustavus Prince of14 JAN 16329 JAN 1641
PALATINE, Hedwig Elisabeth Princess Of18 Jul 167310 Aug 1722
PALATINE, Heinrich Freidrich Prince_of1 JAN 161417 JAN 1629
PALATINE, Henriette Marie Princess_of7 JUL 162618 SEP 1654
PALATINE, Hugobert Count678
PALATINE, Johann Friedrich Prince Of17 Feb 156920 Mar 1569
PALATINE, Johann Prince Of1 Feb 16752 Feb 1675
PALATINE, Johann Wilhelm Elector Of The19 Apr 165818 Jun 1716
PALATINE, John Christian Joseph of
PALATINE, Karl II Elector Of31/10 Mar/Apr 165126 May 1685
PALATINE, Karl II Elector_of26 MAY 1685
PALATINE, Karl Ludwig Elector Of12 Dec 161728 Aug 1680
PALATINE, Karl Ludwig Elector_of28 AUG 1680
PALATINE, Karl Philipp Elector Of4 Nov 166131 Dec 1742
PALATINE, Katharine Princess OfApr 157216 Oct 1586
PALATINE, Katharine Sofie Princess Of10 Jun 159528 Jun 1626
PALATINE, Lantbertus I ofAft 630
PALATINE, Leopoldine Princess Of27 May 16798 Mar 1693
PALATINE, Louis Prince_of21 AUG 162412 DEC 1625
PALATINE, Louisa Hollandine Princess_of18 APR 162211 FEB 1709
PALATINE, Ludwig Anton Prince Of9 Jun 16604 May 1694
PALATINE, Ludwig Prince Of30 Dec 15707 May 1571
PALATINE, Ludwig VI Elector Of4 Jul 153922 Oct 1583
PALATINE, Ludwig Wilhelm Prince Of5 Aug 160030 Sep 1600
PALATINE, Luise Juliane Princess Of16 Jul 159428 Apr 1640
PALATINE, Luise Marie Princess_of23 JUL 164711 MAR 1679
PALATINE, Margarethe Princess137626 Aug 1434
PALATINE, Marie Adelheid Princess Of6 Jan 165622 Dec 1656
PALATINE, Marie Anna Princess Of28 Oct 166716 Jul 1740
PALATINE, Marie Princess Of24 Jul 156129 Jul 1589
PALATINE, Marie Sofie Princess Of6 Aug 16664 Aug 1699
PALATINE, Moritz Christian Prince Of8 Sep 160118 Mar 1605
PALATINE, Moritz Simmern Count_of1654
PALATINE, Otto William (Burgundy)Abt 945/974
PALATINE, Otto William (Burgundy)ABT 945/974
PALATINE, Otto William (Burgundy)Abt 945/974
PALATINE, Philip Prince_of26 SEP 162715 DEC 1650
PALATINE, Philipp Prince Of4 May 15758 Aug 1575
PALATINE, Philipp Wilhelm Elector Of24/4 Sep/Oct 16152 Sep 1690
PALATINE, Philipp Wilhelm Prince Of19 Nov 16685 Apr 1693
PALATINE, Raimond III, COUNTABT 111719 JAN 1148
PALATINE, Raimond Iii, CountAbt 111719 Jan 1148
PALATINE, Raimond III, Count Of TheABT 111719 Jan 1148
PALATINE, Raimond III, Count Of TheABT 111719 Jan 1148
PALATINE, Raimond III, Count Of The111719 JAN 1148
PALATINE, RenaudAbt 10052 Sep 1057
PALATINE, Renaud I Count9903 SEP 1057
PALATINE, Richeza of99431 MAR 1063
PALATINE, Robert Count ofAFT 0678
PALATINE, Robert Count of635
PALATINE, Robert ofBef 629Aft 678
PALATINE, Rudolf II of
PALATINE, Rudolf II, Elector8 AUG 13064 OCT 1353
PALATINE, Rudolph I ofAbt 1274Bef 1329
PALATINE, Rupert I of
PALATINE, Rupert II of1398
PALATINE, Rupert III of5 May 135218 May 1410
PALATINE, Rupert of161929 Nov 1682
PALATINE, Rupert Prince_of27 DEC 161929 NOV 1682
PALATINE, Ruprecht I Elector Of9 JUN 130916 FEB 1390
PALATINE, Sofie Elisabeth Princess Of27 May 16577 Feb 1658
PALATINE, Son of Rupert Iii?
PALATINE, son Prince_of27 DEC 165030 JUL 1651
PALATINE, Sophia of16301714
PALATINE, Wigerich0886
PALATINE, Wolfgang Prince Of5 Jun 16594 Jun 1683

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