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27 Individuals with the NOGAL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOGAL, Abraham25 JAN 181325 SEP 1885
NOGAL, AydeaABT 1843
NOGAL, Charles E.MAR 1879
NOGAL, DellBEF OCT 1901FEB 1993
NOGAL, Edgar Vaughn1 OCT 18983 APR 1965
NOGAL, Edwin H.3 JUN 191127 JUL 1911
NOGAL, Frank L.ABT 1874
NOGAL, FranklinABT 1843
NOGAL, Gertrude Blanche19 FEB 191624 MAY 1980
NOGAL, GleedABT 1894ABT 1894
NOGAL, Greydon Meek5 JUN 189026 OCT 1926
NOGAL, John Kenneth17 FEB 189626 AUG 1961
NOGAL, Joyce Ann13 NOV 1925
NOGAL, Leslie H.29 MAR 185119 JUN 1914
NOGAL, Louisa Marie10 SEP 18496 JUN 1923
NOGAL, Marjorie Jean19 JAN 18928 SEP 1974
NOGAL, Marrwell3 SEP 191116 MAR 1914
NOGAL, Martha Louise30 MAY 191311 MAY 1969
NOGAL, Mary C.ABT 1876
NOGAL, Morris Augustus26 AUG 19145 MAR 1951
NOGAL, Olli D.ABT 1878
NOGAL, Paul Bliss3 MAR 18881 JUN 1941
NOGAL, Paul Bliss1 JUN 1941
NOGAL, Paul Bliss Jr.ABT 1922ABT 1923
NOGAL, PaulinaABT 1848
NOGAL, Ruben Augustus "Gus"5 JUN 186519 DEC 1953
NOGAL, [Child]20 MAY 1840

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