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220 Individuals with the MYER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MYER, Abraham2 Sep 17961 Oct 1872
MYER, Abraham Joseph Alex1870
MYER, Ada J.28 Dec 1853191?
MYER, Adolph
MYER, Alan Ira11 Oct 1936
MYER, Albert Byron18691916
MYER, AllenABT 1850
MYER, AnnaABT 1856
MYER, Anna Isola11 Oct 193613 Oct 1936
MYER, Antie
MYER, ArdillisABT 1876
MYER, Arthur
MYER, Betty1843
MYER, Bobbie Lee
MYER, Bradley Abbott
MYER, Bruce
MYER, Catharine ElizabethABT 1774AFT 31 JUL 1786
MYER, Catharine ElizabethABT 1774AFT 31 JUL 1786
MYER, Cecelia
MYER, Charles
MYER, Charles F. , Sr.ABT 1910
MYER, Charles Franklin , 3rd.19 Jun 1956
MYER, Charles Franklin , Jr.10 Mar 1932
MYER, Charles Graham23 Sep 188327 Aug 1957
MYER, Christian
MYER, Christopher Joel28 Sep 1970
MYER, ClaraABT 1891
MYER, Clinton1844
MYER, Cyndra Jill22 Aug 1974
MYER, Dalta M4 May 1899
MYER, Daryl
MYER, David
MYER, David
MYER, David13 Oct 18459 Mar 1924
MYER, David Willard
MYER, Deane J.30 Apr 1922
MYER, Dennis
MYER, Denzil Greenville18761917
MYER, DockABT 1847
MYER, Donna Louise10 MAY 19341972
MYER, Dulcie1 Dec 18923 Dec 1892
MYER, Earl
MYER, Earl William6 May 189410 May 1957
MYER, Edna Ruth
MYER, Edward Susman
MYER, Effie1839
MYER, Elden22 Nov 1922
MYER, ElizabethABT 1865
MYER, Elizabeth
MYER, ElizabethABT 1752
MYER, Elizabeth1849
MYER, ElizabethABT 1752
MYER, Ellen Rose1 May 18408 Dec 1841
MYER, ElmedaABT 1875
MYER, Emaline1856
MYER, Emily29 Jun 181327 Mar 1888
MYER, Emma1844
MYER, EmmaABT 1862
MYER, Eric Hubert1 Dec 18922 May 1893
MYER, Esta M15 Jan 1895
MYER, Eva Grace3 Aug 18936 May 1930
MYER, Frank
MYER, Franklin1847
MYER, Frederick1946
MYER, Gary Shane
MYER, GeorgeABT 1851
MYER, George1886
MYER, George B.27 Aug 186328 Apr 1865
MYER, George Valentine
MYER, Gertrude25 Nov 18781935
MYER, Gilbert Ray20 Dec 18899 Jun 1988
MYER, Greenville D9 Dec 18471918
MYER, Hannah1840
MYER, Hannah Caroline Alex2 Apr 1871
MYER, Harold R.14 May 1950
MYER, Henry Dennis
MYER, Herman
MYER, Herman15 Nov 1850
MYER, Herman Ernest Alex23 Nov 18741915
MYER, Herman Henry18 May 185215 Nov 1909
MYER, Hilda Marie(Muriel)
MYER, Hiram MABT 181827 MAY 1873
MYER, Horace Stuart10 Mar 188512 Mar 1938
MYER, Horatio Jones7 Jun 18501 Jan 1916
MYER, Humphrey Michael23 Feb 18801951
MYER, Isaac1844
MYER, Isaac25 DEC 1881
MYER, Isola Mearl6 May 1894
MYER, Jacob13 FEB 2003
MYER, JacobABT 1725
MYER, JacobABT 1725
MYER, Jacob
MYER, Jacob HysonABT 1821
MYER, Jacob Hyson , Jr.185527 Aug 1876
MYER, James Edwin
MYER, Jamie Lynn
MYER, Jane1848
MYER, Jane1848
MYER, Jannetje
MYER, Jeffery Ross20 Sep 1951
MYER, Jenifer BethABT 1974
MYER, Jessie Maria21 Jul 18822 Oct 1882
MYER, Jimmie
MYER, Joan SuePrivate
MYER, Jody LouPrivate
MYER, Joel Reynolds12 Apr 1949
MYER, Joelle Lee
MYER, John1843
MYER, John16841758
MYER, JohnABT 1846
MYER, John A
MYER, John Ownby27 Dec 1992
MYER, John Rea16 Oct 1945
MYER, JonasABT 1817
MYER, Joseph
MYER, Josephine Alex1854
MYER, Judy Halean
MYER, Julia1842
MYER, Julia A.ABT 1858
MYER, Karen SueABT 1970
MYER, Kathryn Louise7 Oct 1957
MYER, Kay1956
MYER, Lafayette1840
MYER, Larry Deanne3 Feb 1948
MYER, Leah Jones1 Jul 18461933
MYER, Leila
MYER, Leo Donald14 May 1924
MYER, Leonard18811935
MYER, Leonard1883
MYER, Leonard
MYER, Leslie5 NOV 1890
MYER, Leslie Humphrey3 Nov 187818 Oct 1944
MYER, Letha May2 NOV 1895
MYER, Lewis19 Feb 196121 Feb 1961
MYER, Lewis A
MYER, Lilian9 MAR 190110 AUG 1987
MYER, Linda Jeane17 Mar 1950
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Living
MYER, Louise
MYER, Lydia E.7 Jul 1874
MYER, Lydia E.7 Jul 1874
MYER, Margaret Elizabeth
MYER, Margery Julia23 Oct 188121 Jun 1882
MYER, Mark10 Jul 1976
MYER, MarthaABT 1737ABT 1812
MYER, MaryABT 1866
MYER, Mary
MYER, Mary EttaABT 1877
MYER, Mary JanePrivate
MYER, Meigs (R.S.) ListonABT 1855
MYER, Melinda Jan3 Apr 1967
MYER, Michelle Lynn1983
MYER, Minnie
MYER, Montague Alex14 Jun 18721929
MYER, Noah1843
MYER, Paul Richard
MYER, Paul Richard
MYER, Pesach
MYER, Peter?
MYER, Peter Turriff10 Oct 1995
MYER, Philip27 Mar 182324 Jan 1866
MYER, Philip30 Sep 178920 Jul 1842
MYER, Philip E.ABT 1867
MYER, RachelABT 1866
MYER, RainieABT 1853
MYER, Rebecca
MYER, Reginald1880
MYER, Reginald Abraham Simmons21 Nov 187911 Apr 1959
MYER, Richard
MYER, RichardABT 1863
MYER, Rita L.26 JAN 1942
MYER, Robert E.13 Oct 1946
MYER, Robert FranklinABT 1972
MYER, Ronald Gary
MYER, Salome1760
MYER, Samuel
MYER, Samuel
MYER, Samuel
MYER, SandorusABT 1853
MYER, Sandra Louise27 JUL 1942
MYER, SarahABT 1878
MYER, Sarah
MYER, Sarah AnnABT 1820BEF 24 May 1855
MYER, Simeon1801
MYER, Simon A.
MYER, StevenABT 1880
MYER, Steven Douglas5 Mar 1962
MYER, Sydney10 Jun 184119 May 1911
MYER, Sydney Alex14 Jun 18735 Jul 1890
MYER, Thomas Burton (Benton)1843
MYER, VincentC1700
MYER, Vincent17211797
MYER, Vincent McConnellPrivate
MYER, Viola
MYER, Wanda Irene26 Feb 1927
MYER, Washington Jefferson4 Feb 18621935
MYER, William
MYER, William
MYER, William
MYER, William EdsonABT 1869
MYER, William S.ABT 1818AFT 1880
MYER, Zana E18 Oct 189730 Jun 1927

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