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35 Individuals with the MOODIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MOODIE, AlexanderABT 1638
MOODIE, Allexander9 OCT 1747
MOODIE, Ann28 FEB 1749/50
MOODIE, Bryan Thompson14 Apr 1962
MOODIE, David11 MAR 1738/39
MOODIE, David1713
MOODIE, David John
MOODIE, Dwight3 Jun 1963
MOODIE, Dwight3 Jun 1963
MOODIE, Eileen
MOODIE, EllenABT 1875
MOODIE, Elspeth29 MAY 1757
MOODIE, Frank Boyce , 3Rd.26 Oct 1934
MOODIE, Frank Boyce , 4Th.12 Feb 1961
MOODIE, GeorgeABT 1685
MOODIE, Helen2 MAY 1763
MOODIE, Helen10 NOV 1664
MOODIE, Hellen26 APR 1718
MOODIE, Isabella C.
MOODIE, Isabella C.
MOODIE, James22 MAR 1755
MOODIE, JamesMAR 184727 JUN 1910
MOODIE, Janet14 JAN 1986
MOODIE, Jean20 MAR 1742/43
MOODIE, Jessica Mary
MOODIE, John23 AUG 1759
MOODIE, John16 FEB 1752
MOODIE, Katherine Alice
MOODIE, Margaret28 FEB 1740/41
MOODIE, Natalie Gayle24 Mar 1964
MOODIE, Richard
MOODIE, Thomas31 MAR 1745
MOODIE, Victoria Jane

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