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374 Individuals with the LEBEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LEBEL, ...
LEBEL, AbrahamWFT Est. 1797-1829WFT Est. 1854-1916
LEBEL, Adelaide
LEBEL, AdeleWFT Est. 1838-1875WFT Est. 1870-1960
LEBEL, Adjutor23 JAN 1931
LEBEL, Agathe19 APR 1923
LEBEL, Alain1 APR 1952
LEBEL, Alain16 JUL 1955
LEBEL, Alexandre2 FEB 1977
LEBEL, AlexandreWFT Est. 1869-1901WFT Est. 1926-1988
LEBEL, Alexandre
LEBEL, Alexandre4 JAN 191827 JAN 1998
LEBEL, Alexandre
LEBEL, Aline11 JUN 1937
LEBEL, Amanda
LEBEL, Amerilda
LEBEL, Amerilda
LEBEL, Andre1 APR 1943
LEBEL, Andre26 AUG 1941
LEBEL, Andre Albert13 MAR 189811 DEC 1969
LEBEL, Angele
LEBEL, Angelique9 NOV 1672
LEBEL, Angelique
LEBEL, Angelique10 Nov 1672WFT Est. 1709-1767
LEBEL, Angelique
LEBEL, Angelique9 Nov 1672
LEBEL, Anita27 MAR 19312 MAY 1976
LEBEL, Annette9 JUL 1962
LEBEL, Annette27 AUG 19084 SEP 1939
LEBEL, Annette16 JAN 192919 AUG 1982
LEBEL, Annie
LEBEL, Antonio28 JUL 190531 JAN 1960
LEBEL, Antonio
LEBEL, Ariane
LEBEL, Audrey
LEBEL, Augustin
LEBEL, AugustinWFT Est. 1691-1719WFT Est. 1741-1806
LEBEL, Augustine
LEBEL, Augustine
LEBEL, Benjamin
LEBEL, BenjaminWFT Est. 1744-1776WFT Est. 1801-1863
LEBEL, Bernadette10 JUL 191025 JUN 1990
LEBEL, Brigitte
LEBEL, Brigitte11 NOV 1956
LEBEL, Bruce9 NOV 1989
LEBEL, Bruno
LEBEL, Bruno7 SEP 1948
LEBEL, Camile5 OCT 1911
LEBEL, Camilien19 MAR 1945
LEBEL, Camilla24 DEC 1934
LEBEL, Camille A.22 MAR 18979 DEC 1981
LEBEL, Carmelle22 APR 1925
LEBEL, Carole
LEBEL, Carole
LEBEL, Caroline19 FEB 1980
LEBEL, CatherineWFT Est. 1715-1739WFT Est. 1761-1827
LEBEL, Cathy
LEBEL, Celine8 JUL 1945
LEBEL, Christian16 FEB 1984
LEBEL, Christine5 FEB 1972
LEBEL, Christine9 SEP 1921
LEBEL, Christopher
LEBEL, Claire
LEBEL, Claire1 MAY 1954
LEBEL, Clement
LEBEL, ClementWFT Est. 1591-1620WFT Est. 1645-1705
LEBEL, Clement1611
LEBEL, Clement
LEBEL, Colette4 APR 1968
LEBEL, Colette10 OCT 1974
LEBEL, Colette8 JAN 1948
LEBEL, Cyprien
LEBEL, Danielle
LEBEL, David16 JUN 1978
LEBEL, David14 MAY 1981
LEBEL, Deniso13 JUL 1931
LEBEL, Desire14 APR 1924
LEBEL, Diane
LEBEL, Dorothy31 JAN 1960
LEBEL, Edgar17 APR 1897
LEBEL, Elise23 JAN 1914
LEBEL, Emile18981980
LEBEL, Emilia28 JUN 193219 AUG 1991
LEBEL, Emilie
LEBEL, Emilie18 MAR 1986
LEBEL, EugeneWFT Est. 1843-1875WFT Est. 1900-1962
LEBEL, EvelynWFT Est. 1830-1857WFT Est. 1879-1947
LEBEL, Fabien28 AUG 1949
LEBEL, Ferdinad
LEBEL, Ferdinad
LEBEL, Fernand1 JUL 1923
LEBEL, Flavie2 AUG 1964
LEBEL, France28 FEB 1962
LEBEL, Francis
LEBEL, Francis30 JUN 1969
LEBEL, Francois18 MAY 1989
LEBEL, Francois
LEBEL, Francoise17 OCT 1928
LEBEL, Francoise
LEBEL, FrancoiseWFT Est. 1795-1822WFT Est. 1844-1912
LEBEL, Frederic
LEBEL, Gabriel12 FEB 1928
LEBEL, Gabrielle25 FEB 1991
LEBEL, Gaetan7 AUG 1947
LEBEL, Gaston28 MAR 1936
LEBEL, Gaudiose
LEBEL, Genevieve
LEBEL, GenevieveWFT Est. 1812-1849WFT Est. 1844-1934
LEBEL, George
LEBEL, Georgette
LEBEL, Gerard
LEBEL, Ghislain19 MAY 1954
LEBEL, Gilles7 DEC 1957
LEBEL, Gilles4 FEB 1937
LEBEL, Ginette
LEBEL, Gisele28 OCT 1949
LEBEL, Guylaine3 NOV 1963
LEBEL, Harold
LEBEL, Harold14 AUG 1963
LEBEL, Helene25 FEB 1938
LEBEL, IgnaceWFT Est. 1690-1716WFT Est. 1741-1803
LEBEL, Ignace
LEBEL, Ignace
LEBEL, Ignace
LEBEL, Ignace
LEBEL, Imelda13 APR 19225 AUG 1950
LEBEL, Irenee10 MAY 19011977
LEBEL, Isabelle24 MAR 1976
LEBEL, Jacqueline5 JUN 1943
LEBEL, Jacques12 JUN 1944
LEBEL, Jacynthe
LEBEL, Janet17 JUN 1934
LEBEL, Jean22 Jan 1669/1670WFT Est. 1714-1762
LEBEL, Jean Baptiste18971942
LEBEL, Jean Francois14 FEB 1927
LEBEL, Jean Louis1 JUN 1946
LEBEL, Jean Marc22 NOV 1941
LEBEL, Jean Marie25 MAY 1926
LEBEL, Jean-Pierre19 OCT 1942
LEBEL, Jeannine
LEBEL, Jeannine
LEBEL, Jeannot16 NOV 1944
LEBEL, Jennifer
LEBEL, Jeremy24 NOV 1975
LEBEL, Jocelyne26 JUL 1952
LEBEL, Joram27 JUL 188117 MAR 1948
LEBEL, Jose27 FEB 1968
LEBEL, Josee-Anne
LEBEL, JosephWFT Est. 1782-1814WFT Est. 1839-1901
LEBEL, Joseph
LEBEL, JosephWFT Est. 1672-1713WFT Est. 1715-1793
LEBEL, JosephWFT Est. 1652-1693WFT Est. 1691-1775
LEBEL, Joseph
LEBEL, Joseph Etienne Timothee18 DEC 187220 FEB 1951
LEBEL, Joseph Jean Gerard20 OCT 19097 MAR 1971
LEBEL, Joseph-Etienne1 OCT 190623 JAN 1966
LEBEL, JosetteWFT Est. 1751-1778WFT Est. 1800-1868
LEBEL, Judith
LEBEL, JudithWFT Est. 1759-1786WFT Est. 1808-1876
LEBEL, Juliana
LEBEL, JulieWFT Est. 1791-1825WFT Est. 1847-1913
LEBEL, Julienne5 JUN 1941
LEBEL, Justin2 FEB 1944
LEBEL, Karine17 APR 1980
LEBEL, Kathleen12 JAN 1994
LEBEL, Kim25 JAN 1988
LEBEL, Laure
LEBEL, Laureat2 FEB 19341962
LEBEL, Laurier15 APR 1955
LEBEL, Lazare
LEBEL, Leonard26 FEB 1980
LEBEL, Leonard29 SEP 1929
LEBEL, Leonard19 JUL 1924
LEBEL, Leonie
LEBEL, Linda15 FEB 1974
LEBEL, Line4 FEB 1954
LEBEL, Louis
LEBEL, Louis
LEBEL, Louisette1 JUL 1935
LEBEL, Luce9 AUG 1953
LEBEL, Lucette
LEBEL, Lucie13 JUN 1950
LEBEL, Lucie
LEBEL, Lucie ou Luce
LEBEL, Lucienne13 JUN 1913
LEBEL, Lucille4 JUN 1927
LEBEL, Lynda14 FEB 1965
LEBEL, M. Anne
LEBEL, M. Blanche17 SEP 1916
LEBEL, M. Henedine
LEBEL, M. Madeleine
LEBEL, Madeleine
LEBEL, Madeleine
LEBEL, Madone18 MAY 1959
LEBEL, Magella30 APR 1925
LEBEL, Manon20 MAY 1961
LEBEL, Marc30 NOV 1981
LEBEL, Marcel17 APR 1940
LEBEL, MarcelWFT Est. 1807-1839WFT Est. 1864-1926
LEBEL, Marcel23 AUG 1953
LEBEL, Marcel10 APR 1956
LEBEL, Marguerite6 Mar 1698/169918 Dec 1739
LEBEL, Marguerite
LEBEL, Marguerite
LEBEL, MargueriteABT 169919 Dec 1739
LEBEL, Marie
LEBEL, Marie
LEBEL, Marie
LEBEL, Marie Angele
LEBEL, Marie Angele
LEBEL, Marie Anna5 FEB 1927
LEBEL, Marie Catherine
LEBEL, Marie Catherine
LEBEL, Marie Eve8 FEB 1991
LEBEL, Marie GenevieveBEF. 172617 Dec 1755
LEBEL, Marie Josee3 NOV 1991
LEBEL, Marie Louise
LEBEL, Marie Reine1 SEP 1935
LEBEL, Marie Rose
LEBEL, Marie RoseWFT Est. 1741-1765WFT Est. 1801-1855
LEBEL, Marie Therese Catherine Bois dit
LEBEL, Marie-Blanche2 NOV 1937
LEBEL, Marie-Catherine173410 Sep 1761
LEBEL, Marie-Claude
LEBEL, Marie-France
LEBEL, Marie-Madeleine
LEBEL, Marin31 DEC 1962
LEBEL, Mario18 AUG 1990
LEBEL, Mario10 DEC 1931
LEBEL, Martin

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