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104 Individuals with the LACKORE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LACKORE, Alexander JamesABT 1988
LACKORE, Amos Lee25 Aug 1985
LACKORE, Archibald "Archie" Guy13 Oct 1905
LACKORE, Ardeth Marie7 Jul 191326 Jul 1913
LACKORE, Arlyn Lee25 Feb 1933
LACKORE, Arvilla17 Sep 1921
LACKORE, Ashlyn Lee2 Sep 1991
LACKORE, Audrey A.17 Aug 193519 Aug 1935
LACKORE, Bessie Mildred25 May 1909?
LACKORE, Brenton Lowell8 Feb 1992
LACKORE, Calvin Dean17 Jun 1934
LACKORE, Cecil DeVere21 Jan 1937
LACKORE, Charles Edward17 Dec 1966
LACKORE, Charles H.10 Apr 1940
LACKORE, Charles Henry12 Aug 186212 Jul 1947
LACKORE, Cheryl Lea9 Sep 1965
LACKORE, ChristopherABT 1982
LACKORE, Clarence Milton15 Oct 18918 Feb 1986
LACKORE, Clark Percy24 Jan 19048 Jul 1976
LACKORE, Clayton Delbert19 Dec 1910
LACKORE, Clifford Eugene21 Jan 189810 Nov 1985
LACKORE, Dale Clifford20 May 1939
LACKORE, Daniel Lee19 Jun 1953
LACKORE, David Eugene21 Oct 1949
LACKORE, DeLon17 Dec 1922
LACKORE, Donald Eugene12 Oct 1925
LACKORE, Donald L.1 Jul 19251 Jul 1925
LACKORE, Doran Lowell11 Sep 19318 May 1981
LACKORE, Doreen Lea29 Jan 1938
LACKORE, Dorothy15 Aug 1910?
LACKORE, Earl Raymond20 Mar 189315 Mar 1968
LACKORE, Edna Mae1 Aug 190314 Feb 1978
LACKORE, Effa4 Jun 18959 Oct 1895
LACKORE, Elvin Lee "Pink"28 Mar 190024 Oct 1982
LACKORE, Emily Hubbard27 Jan 18796 Sep 1965
LACKORE, Eric Arden17 Sep 1959
LACKORE, Eric Arden26 Nov 1979
LACKORE, Eugene9 Apr 1938
LACKORE, Eva14 Dec 191320 Feb 1978
LACKORE, Evin Michael10 Jul 1989
LACKORE, Frank B.20 Dec 188114 Feb 1958
LACKORE, Genelle?
LACKORE, George "Howard"ABT 1864?
LACKORE, George Wilmington3 Mar 183720 Apr 1910
LACKORE, Gladys Dora13 Mar 19068 Mar 1985
LACKORE, Harris Marvin "Skip"24 Jul 195214 Apr 1986
LACKORE, Harris Melvin1 Jun 18999 Jan 1946
LACKORE, Irene Dorothy19 Feb 190321 Apr 1979
LACKORE, Irwin W.5 Aug 190531 Dec 1992
LACKORE, James Roger13 Jun 1935
LACKORE, James Roger25 Apr 1961
LACKORE, Jill Ellen17 Aug 1951
LACKORE, John Chester6 Oct 186611 Jun 1943
LACKORE, Joleen Marie9 Jul 1963
LACKORE, Judith9 Apr 1959
LACKORE, Keith Arden30 Nov 1934
LACKORE, Kelly Faye?
LACKORE, Kimberly Kay30 Jul 1965
LACKORE, Kristal Kay24 May 1964
LACKORE, Kristin?
LACKORE, Kylie MarieABT 1992
LACKORE, LaVonne Arlene27 OCT 1923
LACKORE, LaVonne Arlene27 Oct 1923
LACKORE, Leonard K.13 Jun 1933
LACKORE, Lesley Ann1 Sep 1960
LACKORE, Linda Mae9 Aug 1963
LACKORE, Lisa Lynn14 Apr 1971
LACKORE, Lois Rae26 Dec 1941
LACKORE, Mabel Kay2 Aug 1912
LACKORE, Margaret Louise9 Jun 1938
LACKORE, Marlyn R. "Bud"?
LACKORE, Marvin K.30 Apr 1927?
LACKORE, Matthew Harris7 Dec 1978
LACKORE, Melvin J.21 Oct 192023 Oct 1920
LACKORE, Michael Dale12 Jul 1962
LACKORE, Mortimer Elvin13 Apr 187312 Jul 1925
LACKORE, Nancy Eileen14 Apr 1950
LACKORE, Norman Kenneth24 Mar 190121 Nov 1992
LACKORE, Paul Michael18 Dec 1963
LACKORE, Pearl Georgina26 Oct 189618 May 1990
LACKORE, Peggy Ann21 Aug 1947
LACKORE, Ramona2 Mar 1961
LACKORE, Randel Wilhelm28 Apr 1961
LACKORE, Renee Jean20 Oct 1959
LACKORE, Robert Lansing13 Aug 1964
LACKORE, Roberta Mae21 Dec 1947
LACKORE, Ryland3 Apr 1926
LACKORE, Sally Lynn6 Aug 1954
LACKORE, SarahWFT Est 1789-1812WFT Est 1834-1900
LACKORE, SarahWFT Est. 1789-1812WFT Est. 1834-1900
LACKORE, Stephen?
LACKORE, Sylvia LaVaughn31 Jan 190922 Jul 1993
LACKORE, Twila Maude14 Feb 1902?
LACKORE, Veone Ruth4 Oct 1928
LACKORE, Vera May21 Sep 190226 Nov 1902
LACKORE, Viola Ruth7 Nov 190518 Sep 1985
LACKORE, Walter L.14 Nov 187512 Jan 1896

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