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14 Individuals with the LA HEIJNE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LA HEIJNE, Alphonsus AnthoniusABT 9 SEP 1852
LA HEIJNE, Amandus AugustusABT 1839
LA HEIJNE, Bonaventura
LA HEIJNE, Dominicus AntoniusABT 181411 JUN 1844
LA HEIJNE, FranciscaABT 25 JUL 1808
LA HEIJNE, JulianaABT 180515 JAN 1836
LA HEIJNE, LeonieABT 1 JUN 1855
LA HEIJNE, LeopoldusABT 183811 APR 1910
LA HEIJNE, LivinusABT 8 JUN 180613 DEC 1865
LA HEIJNE, Maria TheresiaABT 22 DEC 1859
LA HEIJNE, Martinus FranciesABT 17664 MAR 1814
LA HEIJNE, PetrusABT 181226 JAN 1813
LA HEIJNE, PetrusABT 18385 AUG 1910
LA HEIJNE, RosaliaABT 3 SEP 1849

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