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21 Individuals with the LA GRANGE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
LA GRANGE, AntjeBEF 21 APR 1728AFT 1796
LA GRANGE, AntjeBEF 27 NOV 1755BEF 1850
LA GRANGE, ArieABT 1740BEF 1830
LA GRANGE, Bernardus(BEF. 11 MAR 1720/2120 DEC 1798
LA GRANGE, Catherine176526 APR 1846
LA GRANGE, Catherine10 AUG 1751
LA GRANGE, Christian15 APR 175325 MAR 1828
LA GRANGE, ChristianaBEF 10 DEC 173215 OCT 1756
LA GRANGE, DeboraBEF AUG 1720BEF 1825
LA GRANGE, EitjeBEF 29 APR 1743
LA GRANGE, ElizabethABT 1760BEF 1855
LA GRANGE, Jacobas1758BEF 1848
LA GRANGE, Jellis03 APR 1728BEF 1796
LA GRANGE, Johannes20 JUN 1737BEF 1827
LA GRANGE, MyndertBEF 12 NOV 1738BEF 1828
LA GRANGE, OmieBEF 10 APR 1726BEF 1816
LA GRANGE, Peter Dumont14 JUN 176614 FEB 1825
LA GRANGE, SusannaABT 1720BEF 1723
LA GRANGE, Susanna175426 FEB 1838
LA GRANGE, SusannaBEF 15 SEP 1723BEF 1818

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