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63 Individuals with the KARP Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KARP, Albertena1834
KARP, Albertena1824
KARP, AnnABT 1728
KARP, Anna1735
KARP, Anna1876
KARP, Anna1844
KARP, Anton1870
KARP, August1877
KARP, Bertha1873
KARP, Bessie Frances11 Apr 19294 Jan 1973
KARP, Blair
KARP, Caroline1834
KARP, Catharine1846
KARP, Catherin1839
KARP, Catherine1852
KARP, Charles1833
KARP, Charles1842
KARP, Dannel1866
KARP, Dora1870
KARP, Eda1868
KARP, Edward1849
KARP, Elisabeth1871
KARP, Elizabeth1874
KARP, Emma1879
KARP, George1878
KARP, Gertrude1811
KARP, Gertrut1879
KARP, Heinrich1846
KARP, Henry1869
KARP, Hugo1875
KARP, Huldah1879
KARP, Huldah1846
KARP, Jacob1878
KARP, Jacob1843
KARP, James L.1868
KARP, Joseph1827
KARP, Joseph1859
KARP, Joseph1827
KARP, Louesia1864
KARP, Mamie1874
KARP, Margaretha1867
KARP, Margretha1867
KARP, Marsha
KARP, Martin1878
KARP, Mary1789
KARP, Mary1873
KARP, Mary A.1874
KARP, Mary M.1842
KARP, Math1864
KARP, Michael1877
KARP, Michael1839
KARP, Paulina1855
KARP, Peter1875
KARP, Peter1839
KARP, Roxann1840
KARP, Sarah B.1871
KARP, Thomas1861
KARP, William R.1873
KARP, ABT 1847
KARP, ABT 1822
KARP, 1835

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