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48 Individuals with the GOUS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GOUS, Aletta Dorothea1762
GOUS, Aletta Elisabeth4 APR 1781
GOUS, Andre16641698
GOUS, Andries5 JAN 1720/21
GOUS, Andries16981734
GOUS, Andries7 NOV 1756
GOUS, Anna1758
GOUS, Anna1726
GOUS, Barend25 APR 1723
GOUS, Catharina17 DEC 1758
GOUS, Catharina Elisabeth1760
GOUS, Catharina Frederica
GOUS, Cornelis04 MAR 176410 JAN 1862
GOUS, Dina Johanna1771
GOUS, Dorothea1724
GOUS, Elsie Dorothea17741839
GOUS, Geesje7 JUN 1787
GOUS, Gerrit1780
GOUS, Gettit Johan Wilhelm8 FEB 1795
GOUS, Helena27 JUN 1734
GOUS, Hester22 APR 1770
GOUS, Hester1735
GOUS, Jacoba Johanna1 MAY 1768
GOUS, Jeanne1695
GOUS, Johanna1722
GOUS, Johanna1772
GOUS, Johanna1727
GOUS, Johanna
GOUS, Johanna Helena1760
GOUS, Johannes Stephanus1768
GOUS, Magdalena1766
GOUS, Magdalena
GOUS, Ockert1755
GOUS, Ockert
GOUS, Pieter1693
GOUS, Pieter
GOUS, Pieter1753
GOUS, Pieter1727
GOUS, Pieter Andries1775
GOUS, Sara1696
GOUS, Sara1772
GOUS, Sara9 NOV 1725
GOUS, Sara1729
GOUS, Stephanus1683
GOUS, Stephanus172016 NOV 1778
GOUS, Stephanus1785
GOUS, Stephanus25 SEP 1729
GOUS, Willem

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