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1313 Individuals with the GOULD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GOULD, (infant)
GOULD, (infant)
GOULD, (infant)
GOULD, (infant)
GOULD, (Unknown)
GOULD, (Unknown)
GOULD, (Unknown)
GOULD, Abbie3 OCT 1842
GOULD, Abby M.ABT 18396 FEB 1900
GOULD, Abel8 Aug 1632AFT 1650
GOULD, Abigail
GOULD, Abigail9 Apr 1727
GOULD, Abigail18 FEB 1649JAN 1719
GOULD, Abigail172115 AUG 1803
GOULD, Abigail172115 AUG 1803
GOULD, Abigail1734
GOULD, Abigail12 AUG 1715
GOULD, AbigailBEF 1882
GOULD, Abigail15 Nov 17542 Nov 1795
GOULD, Abigail8 Feb 1727
GOULD, Abigail18 FEB 1649JAN 1719
GOULD, Abigail12 Aug 1715
GOULD, AbigailAbt 1649
GOULD, Abigail12 Aug 17151737
GOULD, Abigail174125 SEP 1816
GOULD, AbigailABT 1649
GOULD, Abijah15 Feb 181628 Jun 1816
GOULD, AbnerJun 1726
GOULD, Abner27 Apr 1734Sep 1739
GOULD, Abraham
GOULD, Adam1859
GOULD, Addie M.NOV 1874
GOULD, Adrian
GOULD, AgnesABT 1532AFT 1546
GOULD, Agnes
GOULD, Aholiab24 JAN 1759
GOULD, Albert
GOULD, AlbertABT 1890
GOULD, Albert B19202 NOV 1979
GOULD, Albert Boyd23 FEB 18799 DEC 1961
GOULD, Albert Chester24 SEP 1918? ___ 1992
GOULD, Albert EmersonABT 1917ABT 1985
GOULD, Albert EmersonABT 1917ABT 1985
GOULD, Albert F
GOULD, Albert Langdon18292 Feb 1863
GOULD, Albert NelsonABT 1885
GOULD, Albert Nelson17 Jan 18771 Feb 1963
GOULD, Alexander
GOULD, Alfred
GOULD, Alfred David6 Jan 1908
GOULD, Alfred David6 Jan 1908
GOULD, AliceABT 1843
GOULD, AliceABT 1555
GOULD, Alice
GOULD, Alice
GOULD, AliceABT 1502
GOULD, Alice (Pricilla)Abt 1703
GOULD, Alice Cary19 Jul 188011 Dec 1971
GOULD, Alice Louise
GOULD, Allen
GOULD, AlmiraABT 1835
GOULD, AlvaAUG 1898
GOULD, Amanda1819
GOULD, Amelia Smith30 JUL 1843
GOULD, Amelia Smith30 JUL 1843
GOULD, Amos26 Dec 17751850
GOULD, Amos13 Aug 17351772
GOULD, Amos22 Mar 1716/1717
GOULD, Amos17 Dec 1780BEF 1810
GOULD, Amos19 Feb 17621843
GOULD, Andalusia5 OCT 1827
GOULD, Andrew1 Jul 175120 Sep 1777
GOULD, Andrew J
GOULD, Ann5 FEB 1657/58
GOULD, AnnBEF 1746
GOULD, Anna30 Oct 172229 Jun 1749
GOULD, Anna18341914
GOULD, Anna1774
GOULD, Anna18681951
GOULD, Anne17411828
GOULD, AnneAFT 1609
GOULD, AnneABT 168516 JAN 1728
GOULD, AnneABT. 168516 JAN 1727/28
GOULD, Anne168516 JAN 1727/28
GOULD, AnneABT 1598
GOULD, Arthur
GOULD, Arthur Benjamin5 JAN 1977
GOULD, Arthur Benjamin5 JAN 1977
GOULD, Arthur Benjamin , Jr.
GOULD, Arthur Benjamin , Jr.
GOULD, Asa18 Jun 17366 Jul 1816
GOULD, Austin ThomasABT 18571885
GOULD, BabyABT 1879ABT 1879
GOULD, Barbara
GOULD, Barbara Lynn13 MAR 1952
GOULD, Bartholomew27 OCT 1661
GOULD, Basmath2 Jun 1771
GOULD, Bathsheba
GOULD, Bathsheba
GOULD, Bathsheba Coggeshall10 Jul 1826
GOULD, Benjamin26 AUG 1669MAY 1718
GOULD, Benjamin15 May 17511841
GOULD, Benjamin
GOULD, Benjamin
GOULD, Benjamin15 JUN 173012 MAR 1735
GOULD, Benjamin29 May 17161746
GOULD, Benjamin18 Jun 174616 Dec 1747
GOULD, Benjamin18071884
GOULD, Bernice
GOULD, Bertha9 JAN 18583 DEC 1918
GOULD, Bertha
GOULD, Bertha Isabell22 MAY 18801960
GOULD, Bessie1884
GOULD, Bessie Amelia13 Apr 1872/18736 Jun 1942
GOULD, Bessie Amelia24 Jul 18434 Jan 1910
GOULD, Bethiah6 AUG 176324 DEC 1792
GOULD, Betsey5 Mar 18496 Mar 1849
GOULD, BetseyABT 1844
GOULD, Betsey22 SEP 1801SEP 1830
GOULD, Betsy
GOULD, Betsy178630 DEC 1872
GOULD, Betsy (?)ABT 1790BEF 1840
GOULD, Betty Lou18 JUN 1937
GOULD, Betty Lou18 JUN 1937
GOULD, Bezeleel4 JUL 1756
GOULD, BridgetABT 1536
GOULD, Bridget
GOULD, Bruce28 Apr 188910 Jun 1915
GOULD, Carol Nan20 SEP 1943
GOULD, Carol Nan20 SEP 1943
GOULD, Caroline
GOULD, Caroline1814
GOULD, Carrie Grace1971
GOULD, Catherine17921865
GOULD, Catherine1792
GOULD, CatherineNOV 185711 AUG 1917
GOULD, Cecile Mae
GOULD, Celia18981983
GOULD, Charity
GOULD, Charles
GOULD, Charles A
GOULD, Charles E.25 DEC 1846
GOULD, Charles S.
GOULD, Charles S.
GOULD, Charlotte C
GOULD, Christianna182212 Feb 1857
GOULD, Christopher
GOULD, Christopher Wade2 AUG 1976
GOULD, Christopher Wade2 AUG 1976
GOULD, Clara AugustaABT 1881
GOULD, Clarence Ai8 Mar 188123 Feb 1963
GOULD, Clarence Eugene , Jr
GOULD, ClarissaABT 1807
GOULD, Clyde Frederick10 MAR 189612 AUG 1972
GOULD, Clymena
GOULD, Clymena
GOULD, Content25 Apr 1695
GOULD, Content28 Apr 16713 Sep 1720
GOULD, Cora Ann
GOULD, Cora Ann
GOULD, Curtis28 MAY 181519 JUL 1902
GOULD, Curtis Pike1813
GOULD, Cynthia Ann
GOULD, Cynthia Eleanor15 AUG 18551938
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel24 Oct 1656
GOULD, Daniel8 Dec 1745
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, DanielABT 1720
GOULD, DanielABT. 1720
GOULD, Daniel23 Dec 1686
GOULD, Daniel8 Dec 17531842
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, DanielABT 162526 Mar 1716
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel8 Nov 169911 Dec 1766
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel18 Dec 1696
GOULD, Daniel31 Mar 173522 Nov 1747
GOULD, Daniel
GOULD, Daniel30 Mar 172915 Sep 1734
GOULD, Daniel Tarbox30 Apr 180531 May 1861
GOULD, David3 Oct 1811
GOULD, David29 Dec 1758
GOULD, David25 Dec 1701AFT 1763
GOULD, David21 Feb 17571 Aug 1778
GOULD, David Henry17891883
GOULD, David twin21 Aug 1737
GOULD, Debbie
GOULD, Deborah23 Sep 17077 Nov 1767
GOULD, Deborah16602 JUN 1697
GOULD, Deborah17 Nov 170430 Jan 1706
GOULD, DeborahABT 1820
GOULD, Dee Leon13 MAR 191112 JUN 1986
GOULD, DelilahABT 1811
GOULD, Deliverance23 Feb 1741/1742
GOULD, Diana
GOULD, Diana
GOULD, DianePrivate
GOULD, Dianna Lois30 APR 1958
GOULD, Dolly
GOULD, Donald Edward
GOULD, Donald Edward
GOULD, Dorcas8 Oct 1728
GOULD, Dorcas13 May 17447 May 1746
GOULD, Doris Elizabeth Frank14 Oct 189919 Jul 1919
GOULD, Dorothy18 Aug 17501834
GOULD, Dorothy27 Aug 1740
GOULD, DougPrivate
GOULD, Downing1835
GOULD, DowningNOV 17868 AUG 1849
GOULD, Eben1760
GOULD, Ebenezer
GOULD, Ebenezer
GOULD, Edmonia
GOULD, Edmund18 Jan 1734/1735
GOULD, Edward23 MAY 185218 SEP 1916
GOULD, Edward Bradford23 Feb 18796 Dec 1963
GOULD, Edward Thornton
GOULD, Edwin
GOULD, Edythe Esther29 Feb 1892
GOULD, Edythe Esther29 Feb 1892
GOULD, Eleanor
GOULD, Eleazer29 May 17209 Aug 1798
GOULD, Eleazor23 SEP 17409 AUG 1798
GOULD, Eleazor29 MAY 1720JUN 1795
GOULD, Electa P.
GOULD, Eli4 May 1738
GOULD, Eliezer29 May 1720
GOULD, Eliezer29 MAY 17209 AUG 1798
GOULD, Elihu6 Sep 1769Nov 1823
GOULD, Elihu

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