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52 Individuals with the GORDON-LENNOX Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GORDON-LENNOX, Alexander Francis Charles14 Jun 182522 Jan 1892
GORDON-LENNOX, Alexander Henry Charles9 APR 19111987
GORDON-LENNOX, Algernon Charles
GORDON-LENNOX, Amelia Frederica4 Dec 183020 Oct 1841
GORDON-LENNOX, Amy Gwendoline5 MAY 1894
GORDON-LENNOX, Andrew Charles16 JAN 1948
GORDON-LENNOX, Anthony Charles1969
GORDON-LENNOX, Augusta Catherine14 Jan 18273 Apr 1904
GORDON-LENNOX, Augusta Katherine3 APR 1904
GORDON-LENNOX, Bernard Charles1 MAY 187810 NOV 1914
GORDON-LENNOX, Caroline Emelia18 Jun 181930 Apr 1888
GORDON-LENNOX, Cecilia Catherine18381910
GORDON-LENNOX, Cecilia Catherine1838
GORDON-LENNOX, Cecilia Catherine18381910
GORDON-LENNOX, Cecilia Catherine18381910
GORDON-LENNOX, Cecilia Catherine13 Apr 18385 Oct 1910
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles17911860
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles17911860
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles 5th Duke of Richmond3 Aug 179121 Oct 1860
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry8 JAN 1955
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry27 DEC 184518 DEC 1928
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry27 Feb 181827 Sep 1903
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry15 AUG 18955 SEP 1895
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry19 SEP 1929
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry27 FEB 181827 SEP 1903
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry30 DEC 18707 MAY 1935
GORDON-LENNOX, Charles Henry26 JAN 189924 AUG 1919
GORDON-LENNOX, Charlotte Louis1978
GORDON-LENNOX, Doris Hilda6 SEP 1896
GORDON-LENNOX, Elinor Caroline1952
GORDON-LENNOX, Esmé Charles10 FEB 18751949
GORDON-LENNOX, Evelyn Amy23 APR 187217 FEB 1922
GORDON-LENNOX, Fitzroy Charles11 Jun 1820Mar 1841
GORDON-LENNOX, Frederick Charles5 FEB 19042 NOV 1989
GORDON-LENNOX, George Charles29 MAY 1908
GORDON-LENNOX, George Charles22 Oct 182927 Feb 1877
GORDON-LENNOX, Hamish Charles1980
GORDON-LENNOX, Helen Magdalen1965
GORDON-LENNOX, Henrietta Mary1962
GORDON-LENNOX, Henry Charles George2 Nov 182129 Aug 1886
GORDON-LENNOX, Ivy16 JUN 18871982
GORDON-LENNOX, Louisa Elizabeth1967
GORDON-LENNOX, Lucinda Jean1975
GORDON-LENNOX, Lucy Elizabeth1965
GORDON-LENNOX, Lucy Frances3 Jun 182816 Apr 1843
GORDON-LENNOX, Michael Charles1938
GORDON-LENNOX, Muriel Beatrice
GORDON-LENNOX, Nicholas Charles31 JAN 1931
GORDON-LENNOX, Reginald Arthur Charles13 MAY 1910
GORDON-LENNOX, Sarah Caroline1960
GORDON-LENNOX, Sarah Georgiana17 Mar 18236 Jan 1831
GORDON-LENNOX, Violet Mary15 JAN 187419 NOV 1946

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