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34 Individuals with the GAYER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAYER, Anna24 AUG 1895
GAYER, Ava Jewell10 DEC 189919 JUL 1972
GAYER, Bascomb9 SEP 1892
GAYER, Belle Sarah1861
GAYER, Damaris
GAYER, Damarus24 OCT 16736 NOV 1764
GAYER, Dorcas
GAYER, Dorcas12 Aug 1770
GAYER, Dorcas16751747
GAYER, Dorcas
GAYER, Dorcas
GAYER, Estel24 JAN 18904 FEB 1951
GAYER, Ewell19 OCT 1909
GAYER, Fred16 JUL 1913
GAYER, Henry13 AUG 1897
GAYER, Humphrey
GAYER, Humphrey
GAYER, Joe18 MAR 1906
GAYER, John1593
GAYER, Louisa31 MAR 1916
GAYER, Mary Elizabeth20 SEP 187121 JAN 1910
GAYER, Reginald
GAYER, Rika23 SEP 1866
GAYER, Sarah Elmanda8 APR 188219 OCT 1941
GAYER, Stephen
GAYER, Thomas
GAYER, William1710
GAYER, William23 SEP 1710
GAYER, William
GAYER, William
GAYER, William Tipton22 SEP 186627 DEC 1953

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