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31 Individuals with the GASCONY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GASCONY, Acibella of
GASCONY, Adalaric Duke of0812
GASCONY, Adela Loupe of
GASCONY, Adele of
GASCONY, Adelric I Duke of750812
GASCONY, Amandus Duke of
GASCONY, Donatllop Count of
GASCONY, Garcia I OfEst 860
GASCONY, Garcia Sanchez Count
GASCONY, Garcie Count of
GASCONY, Garsendis of
GASCONY, Garsinde923
GASCONY, Gisela of
GASCONY, Guillaume I of
GASCONY, Hatton Duke of
GASCONY, Llop Centull Duke ofAFT 0818
GASCONY, Llop Duke of
GASCONY, Lope I Duke of
GASCONY, Lope II Duke of0779
GASCONY, Loupe I Duke of774
GASCONY, Loupe II Duke of727778
GASCONY, Sancho I Duke of
GASCONY, Sancho I Sanchez OfEst 805864
GASCONY, Sancho II of Duke of
GASCONY, Sancho II Sanchez OfEst 830875
GASCONY, Urraca Major of
GASCONY, Urraca Mayor of
GASCONY, Urraca Mayor of
GASCONY, William Count of
GASCONY, Ximeno Duke of780842
GASCONY, Ximeno Duke of

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