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57 Individuals with the FURBER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FURBER, AbigailABT 1700
FURBER, Abigail12 JUN 1740
FURBER, Betsey L.JAN 181620 AUG 1888
FURBER, Betsy28 APR 1801
FURBER, Betsy L.ABT 1843
FURBER, Deborah19 APR 1742
FURBER, Elizabeth7 SEP 1746
FURBER, ElizabethABT 1700
FURBER, Elizabeth26 APR 1733
FURBER, Esther
FURBER, Evalile L.ABT 1849
FURBER, FabianABT 1752
FURBER, George HarrisonABT 1847ABT 1899
FURBER, Grace Alma
FURBER, HannahABT 171019 APR 1747
FURBER, Hazen Kimball8 MAR 1822
FURBER, James C.ABT 1850
FURBER, James Cate
FURBER, James Cate
FURBER, James Ray12 Nov 1972
FURBER, Jerusha6 JAN 1738
FURBER, JethroABT 1673ABT 1715
FURBER, JethroABT 1709
FURBER, John8 MAY 177217 FEB 1824
FURBER, John F.ABT 1837
FURBER, John JuddPrivate
FURBER, John Langdon14 JUL 1811DEC 1890
FURBER, Joseph E.ABT 1839
FURBER, Joshua13 MAY 174427 APR 1827
FURBER, Levi16 MAY 175119 JAN 1829
FURBER, Malisa J. (Jenny)ABT 1836
FURBER, Mary5 MAY 173518 APR 1736
FURBER, Mary Ann20 JUL 1807
FURBER, McLaurin21 JUL 1798
FURBER, Nancy9 AUG 1803
FURBER, Nehamiah21 JAN 171010 JUN 1789
FURBER, Nehemiah24 APR 174823 FEB 1754
FURBER, Olive11 APR 1815
FURBER, RichardABT 1700
FURBER, RichardABT 1807
FURBER, RichardABT 1752
FURBER, Sally4 APR 1813
FURBER, Samual4 JAN 179027 MAY 1829
FURBER, Sarah1 MAR 1745
FURBER, Sarah E.ABT 1841
FURBER, Theodore15 APR 1810
FURBER, William
FURBER, William
FURBER, WilliamABT 1652
FURBER, WilliamABT 164614 SEP 1707
FURBER, WilliamABT 167220 MAR 1757
FURBER, William

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