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122 Individuals with the FOURIE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FOURIE, Abraham24 OCT 188622 JAN 1888
FOURIE, Abraham Nicolaas8 MAR 1907
FOURIE, Abraham Petrus24 APR 188616 JUN 1956
FOURIE, Aletta Petronella
FOURIE, Andries Jacobus2 JUL 19045 FEB 1928
FOURIE, Andries Johathan26 APR 1848
FOURIE, Andries Jonathan180527 APR 1882
FOURIE, Andries JonathanMAY 1774
FOURIE, Andries Jonathan28 SEP 184427 JUN 1926
FOURIE, Andrissa Jeanetta10 FEB 1885
FOURIE, Anna1718
FOURIE, Anna1739
FOURIE, Anna Catharina
FOURIE, Anna Elisabeth1784
FOURIE, Anna Hester22 FEB 1809
FOURIE, Anna Jacoba1799
FOURIE, Anna Jacoba19 JAN 1883
FOURIE, Anna Maria18541934
FOURIE, Beatrix Anna Petronella181216 AUG 1852
FOURIE, Beatrix Geertuy1771
FOURIE, Catharina Elizabeth1770
FOURIE, Christian Louis8 FEB 1902
FOURIE, Cornelius Johannes10 JUL 190918 MAR 1911
FOURIE, David1722
FOURIE, David Hermanus1776
FOURIE, David Lodewyk5 JAN 1817
FOURIE, Dirkje Cecilla1796
FOURIE, Elisabeth1752
FOURIE, Elisabeth1708
FOURIE, Emerentia Susanna9 APR 186322 FEB 1939
FOURIE, Emmarentia Maryna8 JUL 1905
FOURIE, Ethel Laura24 JAN 1928
FOURIE, Francina1737
FOURIE, Francois1696
FOURIE, GideonMAR 1700/01
FOURIE, Helena Maria13 MAR 1806
FOURIE, Helena Susanna178726 APR 1865
FOURIE, Hercules Benjamin14 NOV 1804
FOURIE, Hermina Aletta1815
FOURIE, Hester Elizabeth Maria12 DEC 1925
FOURIE, Hester Jacoba184321 OCT 1909
FOURIE, Hester Johanna27 JUL 191312 OCT 1917
FOURIE, Hester Johanna12 DEC 1874
FOURIE, Isabella Susanna
FOURIE, Jacoba Christina26 SEP 191027 MAY 1911
FOURIE, Jacoba Christina16 AUG 1866
FOURIE, Jacoba Christina12 SEP 1911
FOURIE, Jacobus17101756
FOURIE, Jacobus1743
FOURIE, Jacobus Christiaan3 JAN 183819 MAY 1916
FOURIE, Jacobus Christiaan20 JUL 1827
FOURIE, Jacobus Nicolaas31 MAY 1868
FOURIE, Jan Hendrik11 NOV 187316 MAY 1950
FOURIE, Jan Nicolaas15 NOV 1810
FOURIE, Johanna Dorothea21 JUN 1835
FOURIE, Johanna Jacoba Christina1858
FOURIE, Johanna Susanna23 FEB 187229 SEP 1929
FOURIE, Johanna Susanna1740
FOURIE, Johannes1724
FOURIE, Johannes1733
FOURIE, Johannes Stephanus16 DEC 1764
FOURIE, John McKay1 JUN 1916
FOURIE, Jonathan1738
FOURIE, Joseph173214 APR 1811
FOURIE, Joseph1747
FOURIE, Joseph Marcus19 MAY 1780
FOURIE, Living
FOURIE, Living
FOURIE, Louis16701750
FOURIE, Louis12 APR 1767
FOURIE, Louis1729
FOURIE, Louis1745
FOURIE, Louis17031789
FOURIE, Louis Francois19 NOV 1842
FOURIE, Louis Jacobus2 NOV 1812
FOURIE, Louis Johannes
FOURIE, Lydia Jannetta27 DEC 1900
FOURIE, Marcus1713
FOURIE, Marcus Anthonius1728
FOURIE, Marcus Wynand1770
FOURIE, Maria1698
FOURIE, Maria1744
FOURIE, Maria1720
FOURIE, Maria Dorothea1810
FOURIE, Maria Elizabeth
FOURIE, Maria Elizabeth
FOURIE, Maria Susanna Elizabeth1 APR 1877
FOURIE, Maria Susanna Elizabeth18 MAY 1845
FOURIE, MarthaMAR 1700/01
FOURIE, Martha1745
FOURIE, Maryntje Geertruy
FOURIE, Matthys Johannes30 MAR 187917 JAN 1881
FOURIE, Ockert Johannes19 DEC 1880
FOURIE, Ockert Johannes28 APR 1799
FOURIE, Ockert Johannes29 NOV 1832
FOURIE, Olive Estella6 AUG 1899
FOURIE, Paulina Steyn18 MAR 190317 JUN 1970
FOURIE, Percival6 AUG 19205 MAR 1921
FOURIE, Petronella1750
FOURIE, Petrus1726
FOURIE, Petrus Jacobus8 AUG 1825
FOURIE, Petrus Jacobus17 SEP 180127 JAN 1864
FOURIE, Petrus Jacobus3 NOV 186427 JUL 1939
FOURIE, Petrus Marthinus15 APR 19308 FEB 1968
FOURIE, Pieter1717
FOURIE, Pieter1735
FOURIE, Pieter Jacobus12 MAY 1769
FOURIE, Pieter Jacobus1890
FOURIE, Rosalina10 OCT 1888
FOURIE, Rosalina Christina4 JUN 19081 SEP 1991
FOURIE, Sara1705
FOURIE, Stephanus17341826
FOURIE, Stephanus Andries179225 MAR 1860
FOURIE, Stephanus Andries7 MAR 1830
FOURIE, Stephanus Petrus14 APR 1782
FOURIE, Stephanus Petrus10 APR 187010 AUG 1937
FOURIE, Susanna1730
FOURIE, Susanna16941750
FOURIE, Susanna1731
FOURIE, Susanna Maria
FOURIE, Yvonne18 DEC 1939

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