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24 Individuals with the FIEREMANS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FIEREMANS, Anna Catharina13 NOV 1806
FIEREMANS, Anne CatherineBEF 1869
FIEREMANS, Antoine8 AUG 175916 DEC 1816
FIEREMANS, Antonius30 JUN 178716 FEB 1851
FIEREMANS, CarolinaABT 18785 FEB 1878
FIEREMANS, Catharina2 SEP 1755
FIEREMANS, Danielis17 APR 1773
FIEREMANS, DominicusABT 1831/1841AFT 1891
FIEREMANS, Eguidius15 JUN 1837
FIEREMANS, Franciscus7 JUN 186528 SEP 1891
FIEREMANS, Henricus24 NOV 1750
FIEREMANS, Joanna Catharina20 DEC 1811AFT 1873
FIEREMANS, Joannes Baptista13 APR 181426 APR 1817
FIEREMANS, Maria Anna24 FEB 1749
FIEREMANS, Maria Virginia12 APR 1840
FIEREMANS, Nicolaes26 MAR 175317 DEC 1832
FIEREMANS, Pelagie20 JAN 1845
FIEREMANS, Petrus31 DEC 18349 MAR 1835
FIEREMANS, Petrus14 JUL 1756
FIEREMANS, Philippus16 JUN 18105 SEP 1831
FIEREMANS, Rosalia10 JUN 1832
FIEREMANS, Wivina Josephine5 JUL 1891AFT 1900

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