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47 Individuals with the FAUSETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAUSETT, Alexander1793
FAUSETT, Amanda Angeline11 Feb 18569 Nov 1922
FAUSETT, Amanda Armstrong6 May 181024 Apr 1885
FAUSETT, Amanda Caroline23 APR 18361839
FAUSETT, CatherineAbt 1819
FAUSETT, Catherine Martha28 SEP 18377 JUN 1864
FAUSETT, Catherine Martha
FAUSETT, David29 APR 174714 MAR 1810
FAUSETT, David17431824
FAUSETT, DavidAbt 1743Abt Apr 1824
FAUSETT, DavidAbt 1795
FAUSETT, EleanorAbt 17971823/1825
FAUSETT, Eliza Mckee5 JUL 18087 AUG 1896
FAUSETT, Eliza McKee5 Jul 18087 Aug 1896
FAUSETT, Eliza McKee29 MAR 19257 AUG 1896
FAUSETT, Harriet BerryhillAbt 1817
FAUSETT, Harriet Catherine8 MAR 1833
FAUSETT, Harriet Catherine8 MAR 183328 NOV 1912
FAUSETT, Harriet Catherine08 MAR 1833
FAUSETT, Harriet Catherine08 MAR 183328 NOV 1912
FAUSETT, Isaac Romanzo19 DEC 185326 MAY 1914
FAUSETT, Jamie Lee1984
FAUSETT, Joantointti
FAUSETT, John McKee22 Dec 180429 Mar 1874
FAUSETT, Joseph Smith24 JAN 183825 JAN 1922
FAUSETT, Martha Jane4 OCT 182825 OCT 1838
FAUSETT, Martha SpencerAbt 1815
FAUSETT, Mary Ann17 MAY 183115 DEC 1904
FAUSETT, Mary McKee1811/1812
FAUSETT, Nancy BrownAbt 1802
FAUSETT, Nancy Mariah29 JUL 18271 APR 1886
FAUSETT, Rebecca12 MAR 183019 APR 1884
FAUSETT, Rebecca Stone1 Jun 1813
FAUSETT, Richard1769
FAUSETT, Richard171422 APR 1782
FAUSETT, Richard1769
FAUSETT, RichardAbt 1775
FAUSETT, Richard17691848/1850
FAUSETT, Sarah Louisa16 FEB 183523 DEC 1915
FAUSETT, Sarah MariahAbt 1800
FAUSETT, William6 Jan 18076 Sep 1896
FAUSETT, William Calvin6 OCT 18445 OCT 1847
FAUSETT, William McKee6 JAN 18076 SEP 1896
FAUSETT, William Mckee6 JAN 18076 SEP 1896

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