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138 Individuals with the FARIS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FARIS, Ada Pauline17 MAY 1926
FARIS, Adam Edward1984
FARIS, Albert Fred24 Jan 1893
FARIS, Albert Samuel6 Sep 1868
FARIS, Alexander Allen
FARIS, Alexander Allen
FARIS, Alfred Campbell6 Sep 186815 Aug 1937
FARIS, Alice
FARIS, Alvis
FARIS, Alysha May1982
FARIS, Amber Dawn1975
FARIS, Ardelia
FARIS, Ardyce Lynn
FARIS, Arthur WILLIS13 AUG 1902
FARIS, Bruce Alden1963
FARIS, Carl18921984
FARIS, Carolla
FARIS, Cassidy Ann1996
FARIS, Charles Edward6 JAN 18825 JUN 1905
FARIS, Charles H.16 JAN 186324 SEP 1866
FARIS, Charles Vinyard25 SEP 190710 OCT 1967
FARIS, Conner William1988
FARIS, Dallas Lenavin15 SEP 1916
FARIS, David Gordon9 JUN 1928
FARIS, David Mckee23 Jan 186210 Mar 1928
FARIS, Deborah Ann1952
FARIS, Delber Lytle10 Mar 1897
FARIS, DorcasABT 1782
FARIS, Dr. Davis G1928
FARIS, Dr. Henry S18921970
FARIS, Edith Blanche2 Feb 1891
FARIS, Edna1902
FARIS, Edward Alden1 OCT 191215 MAY 1980
FARIS, Edward Howell22 NOV 1956
FARIS, Edward Laurel1951
FARIS, ElizabethABT 1785
FARIS, Ella1907
FARIS, Emma C.12 FEB 184725 JUN 1873
FARIS, Emma Cordelia4 SEP 187815 APR 1964
FARIS, Fay Jewel1910
FARIS, Florence Lucille16 Mar 1911
FARIS, Floyd Mccall19 Dec 1890
FARIS, Fnu1951
FARIS, Frances Almira24 Dec 1903
FARIS, Frances Maxine12 Jul 1912
FARIS, Francis Clyde8 Jul 188319 Sep 1884
FARIS, Frank Ellery10 May 1873
FARIS, Frank Ellery8 May 1890
FARIS, George E.1886
FARIS, George Vinyard16 NOV 18908 MAR 1934
FARIS, George W.26 AUG 185322 MAY 1926
FARIS, George William19 MAR 192411 APR 1964
FARIS, Gerald Lee1944
FARIS, Gertrude Frances15 APR 1920
FARIS, Gregory Welty9 MAY 1958
FARIS, Harold Gordon12 Jan 19044 Sep 1904
FARIS, Harry Leroy10 Feb 1887
FARIS, Helen Myrtle2 Mar 1907
FARIS, Hervey S.1 SEP 1892
FARIS, Hervey Samuel1 Sep 1892
FARIS, Hester Ann11 AUG 18866 AUG 1937
FARIS, Hezekiah
FARIS, Isaac William9 May 185826 Aug 1895
FARIS, IsabellaABT 1778
FARIS, JamesABT 1772
FARIS, James Driver2 Oct 1896
FARIS, Jennifer Lynn1970
FARIS, Jesse
FARIS, Jesse Monroe
FARIS, Jesse William25 JUN 189622 DEC 1916
FARIS, John Joseph Glasgow10 Apr 1863
FARIS, Joseph Edward1977
FARIS, Joseph Henry22 Apr 1893
FARIS, Josephine19 FEB 189012 FEB 1962
FARIS, Karin Machille1966
FARIS, Kathryn Diane1948
FARIS, Kennith Vinyard12 JUN 190912 JUN 1909
FARIS, Laura Laverne18 JUL 1947
FARIS, Laurel Murrel5 SEP 191326 FEB 1945
FARIS, Lena Pearl28 Nov 1897
FARIS, Letia A.1888
FARIS, Linda Lee1955
FARIS, Margaret29 Apr 177630 May 1855
FARIS, Margaret Isabell2 SEP 1849
FARIS, Martha Ann1830
FARIS, MaryABT 1740Mar 1829
FARIS, MaryABT 1740Mar 1829
FARIS, Matilda Jane8 DEC 181921 DEC 1889
FARIS, May Mourning23 Jun 187422 Dec 1959
FARIS, May Mourning23 Jun 187422 Dec 1959
FARIS, Myrtle Mae22 APR 1912
FARIS, Nancy Josephine30 NOV 1936
FARIS, Nettie Florence26 May 1865
FARIS, Noel Lee12 Sep 1886
FARIS, Nusis1858
FARIS, Ollie190419 DEC 1991
FARIS, Pamela JanePrivate
FARIS, Pamela JanePrivate
FARIS, Paral Vineyard20 JAN 19247 JAN 1993
FARIS, Paral Vineyard Jr.23 NOV 1944
FARIS, Philip Clark1 Mar 1901
FARIS, RachelABT 1780
FARIS, Ralph Otis4 NOV 191631 AUG 1990
FARIS, Rebecca2 FEB 18142 MAR 1892
FARIS, RobertABT 1700
FARIS, RobertABT 17451784
FARIS, RobertABT 1700
FARIS, Robert George18 Feb 18606 Jun 1934
FARIS, Robert Joseph20 SEP 1924
FARIS, Robert Martin19 AUG 1960
FARIS, Ruthella Gee
FARIS, Samuel20 Aug 18277 Mar 1896
FARIS, Samuel Earl26 Aug 1884
FARIS, SarahABT 1774
FARIS, Sarah Ashley1985
FARIS, Sarah Ellen30 Jul 186410 Apr 1946
FARIS, Sarah Ellen30 Jul 186410 Apr 1946
FARIS, Sarah Jane3 MAY 1845
FARIS, Stephanie Ann1980
FARIS, Steva Mae26 MAR 18841966
FARIS, Susanna
FARIS, Theodore Thompson23 Dec 188510 Mar 1927
FARIS, ThomasABT 1841
FARIS, Thomas
FARIS, William Arlen1955
FARIS, William Henry25 OCT 186119 JUN 1930
FARIS, William Pinkney10 APR 18743 JUN 1944
FARIS, William Vineyard2 FEB 182320 DEC 1879
FARIS, William Work22 SEP 1872
FARIS, Yvonna Lee21 JUL 1925

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