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26 Individuals with the FALLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FALLEY, Alexander4 APR 1783
FALLEY, Daniel3 DEC 1772
FALLEY, Daniel15 NOV 1773
FALLEY, Elizabeth1743
FALLEY, Francis "Frank" McKnelly
FALLEY, Frederick2 JAN 1765
FALLEY, Lewis15 JAN 1778
FALLEY, Lovisa3 SEP 1763
FALLEY, Margaret
FALLEY, Margaret25 JAN 176610 AUG 1850
FALLEY, Margaret25 JAN 176610 AUG 1850
FALLEY, Margaret25 NOV 176610 AUG 1850
FALLEY, Margaret1776
FALLEY, Margaret1776
FALLEY, Margaret25 NOV 177610 AUG 1850
FALLEY, Mary20 FEB 1744/45
FALLEY, Rachel1742
FALLEY, Richard31 JAN 17403 SEP 1808
FALLEY, Richard17117 AUG 1756
FALLEY, Richard17401808
FALLEY, Richard31-JAN-17403-SEP-1808
FALLEY, Richard31 JAN 1739/403 SEP 1808
FALLEY, Ruth7 DEC 1775
FALLEY, Samuel6 DEC 1746
FALLEY, Samuel9 OCT 1780

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