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23 Individuals with the FAILLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAILLE, AgnesWFT Est. 1768-1795WFT Est. 1817-1885
FAILLE, Andre15 Jul 16781685
FAILLE, Anne22 Sep 1672
FAILLE, Anne11 Sep 16865 Sep 1689
FAILLE, Antoine
FAILLE, Auguste
FAILLE, Cleophay
FAILLE, Elisabeth11 Jul 1695
FAILLE, Elzear
FAILLE, Francois
FAILLE, Francois20 Mar 16893 Sep 1689
FAILLE, Jean17 Sep 1680
FAILLE, Julien
FAILLE, Marguerite21 Mar 167415 Jun 1721
FAILLE, Marie25 Mar 167614 Jun 1700
FAILLE, Marie-Angelique (Faye)4 Jan 16832 Sep 1731
FAILLE, Marie-AnneAbt 1691
FAILLE, Marie-Jeanne21 Aug 168426 Nov 1755
FAILLE, Paul-Emile-Henri

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