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35 Individuals with the EVERAERTS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EVERAERTS, Alfons01-11-189822-04-1984
EVERAERTS, Alphonsina04-08-1927
EVERAERTS, Anne-Joseph24-08-174418-04-1795
EVERAERTS, Carinne19-06-1964
EVERAERTS, Conrad06-04-165219-06-1727
EVERAERTS, Elisabeth26 JAN 1706
EVERAERTS, Florence24-03-1929
EVERAERTS, Florentina31-05-1921
EVERAERTS, Franciscus22-10-189218-08-1962
EVERAERTS, Freddy19-07-1948
EVERAERTS, Hans20-02-1969
EVERAERTS, Josephine25-06-1950
EVERAERTS, Jozef02-10-1922
EVERAERTS, Leopold23-03-1930
EVERAERTS, Louis28-06-1921
EVERAERTS, Louis31-05-192206-09-1958
EVERAERTS, Marc01-04-1971
EVERAERTS, Maria12-04-1946
EVERAERTS, Maria Catharina
EVERAERTS, Marie-Therese17901879
EVERAERTS, Marie-Thérèse
EVERAERTS, Marie-Thérèse Joseph173703-05-1795
EVERAERTS, Maximilien-Joseph173209-05-1789
EVERAERTS, Michel10-10-1966
EVERAERTS, Paul18-07-1943
EVERAERTS, Paula02-11-1933
EVERAERTS, Peter06-08-1966
EVERAERTS, Petra03-12-1972
EVERAERTS, Pierre1692
EVERAERTS, Pierre-Andre11-11-169820-03-1776
EVERAERTS, Pierre-Joseph175907-03-1794
EVERAERTS, Ria22-07-1961

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