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1273 Individuals with the DURAND Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DURAND, Abraham
DURAND, Achille Archie14 MAR 18873 OCT 1960
DURAND, Adâelaèide
DURAND, Adâelaèide4 OCT 186427 JUN 1939
DURAND, Adâelaèide-Martine
DURAND, Adáele
DURAND, Adeline
DURAND, Adolphe8 NOV 1840
DURAND, AdolpheABT 186027 APR 1861
DURAND, Adrien
DURAND, Adrien29 MAR 19387 MAR 1990
DURAND, Adrien
DURAND, Adrien4 MAR 1969
DURAND, Adrien Claude29 MAR 1969
DURAND, Adrienne
DURAND, âElâeonore
DURAND, âElisabeth-Ursule2 FEB 173720 JAN 1820
DURAND, âElise
DURAND, âEmâelia
DURAND, âEmâelie20 NOV 185729 FEB 1932
DURAND, âEmerence25 JUL 181324 DEC 1836
DURAND, âEmile22 SEP 19047 OCT 1984
DURAND, âEmilie Eulalie
DURAND, Agnáes
DURAND, Agnáes7 MAR 184925 JAN 1923
DURAND, Aimâe Lâeo4 MAY 190415 AUG 1904
DURAND, Albert25 OCT 168525 OCT 1685
DURAND, Albert25 JUL 191225 JAN 1913
DURAND, Alberta
DURAND, Albertine
DURAND, Albertine
DURAND, Albertine-Laura17 AUG 1976
DURAND, Albina7 FEB 186530 OCT 1896
DURAND, Albina JosepheWFT Est. 1858-1881WFT Est. 1863-1965
DURAND, Albine18 SEP 1887
DURAND, Alexandre
DURAND, Alexandre
DURAND, Alexandrine19 JAN 1909
DURAND, Alexis Alexandre Jean6 NOV 1866
DURAND, Alfred22 NOV 186328 JAN 1866
DURAND, Alfred22 JAN 1879
DURAND, Alfred21 MAR 1880
DURAND, Alfred6 NOV 1873
DURAND, Alfred23 DEC 188412 AUG 1885
DURAND, Alfred
DURAND, Alfred18953 APR 1980
DURAND, Alfreda6 JAN 190930 JAN 1972
DURAND, Alice14 NOV 18941 OCT 1973
DURAND, Alma20 APR 1967
DURAND, Alphonse31 JUL 1858
DURAND, Alphonse
DURAND, AlphonseWFT Est. 1852-1875WFT Est. 1872-1956
DURAND, Alphonse Hermâenâegilde30 APR 1843
DURAND, Alphonsine
DURAND, Alphonsine
DURAND, Alphonsine25 OCT 186329 SEP 1926
DURAND, Alphonsine10 SEP 1858
DURAND, Amable30 JUN 1799
DURAND, Amable
DURAND, Amable
DURAND, Amanda
DURAND, AmandaABT 18606 JUN 1896
DURAND, Amanda3 JAN 18902 NOV 1954
DURAND, Ambroise17 AUG 186712 JUN 1907
DURAND, Ananie
DURAND, Anathalie
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe3 FEB 1949
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe
DURAND, Andrâe Joseph
DURAND, Andrâe Joseph Viateur26 MAR 1934
DURAND, Andrâe Paul6 AUG 194316 JAN 1944
DURAND, Andrâe Sâevâerin Daniel Joseph
DURAND, Andrâee
DURAND, Andrâee
DURAND, Angáele Ou AdáeleABT 18206 NOV 1870
DURAND, AngeliqueWFT Est. 1766-1793WFT Est. 1815-1883
DURAND, Angelique
DURAND, Anna31 JUL 188314 MAY 1963
DURAND, Anna Susanna1716
DURAND, Anne18003 JUN 1845
DURAND, Anne Marie20 JUL 191931 MAR 1979
DURAND, Anneline
DURAND, Annie5 MAY 1864
DURAND, Anonyme191110 MAR 1911
DURAND, Anonyme190316 JUN 1903
DURAND, Anonyme191627 JUN 1916
DURAND, Anonyme19034 JUN 1903
DURAND, Anra18 DEC 189028 SEP 1962
DURAND, Anselinette Rose Joseph25 Feb 185715 Aug 1936
DURAND, Anthonia27 JUL 1998
DURAND, Antoine15 OCT 178428 AUG 1789
DURAND, Antoine
DURAND, Antoine
DURAND, Antoine
DURAND, Antoinette
DURAND, Antoinette
DURAND, Antoinette188621 AUG 1894
DURAND, Antoinette3 AUG 186720 JUL 1943
DURAND, Antonio
DURAND, Antonio Charles Joseph3 MAY 191011 JUL 1977
DURAND, Appoline187423 JAN 1876
DURAND, Appolline
DURAND, Ariane
DURAND, Armand14 JUL 189417 MAR 1959
DURAND, Armand
DURAND, Armand
DURAND, Armand
DURAND, Armand
DURAND, Armand
DURAND, Armand Fernand Joseph8 MAR 19251 MAY 1984
DURAND, Arsáene
DURAND, Arthâemise
DURAND, Arthur7 DEC 19159 APR 1969
DURAND, Arthur
DURAND, Arthur
DURAND, Arthur Alymer18 AUG 1892
DURAND, Arthur Armand Joseph
DURAND, Arthur Lawrence1894
DURAND, Auguste15 MAR 1956
DURAND, Augustin17 AUG 179315 JUN 1832
DURAND, Augustin
DURAND, Augustin15 NOV 179328 APR 1823
DURAND, Aurâelie19 MAY 1852
DURAND, Auria Lucienne
DURAND, Aurore
DURAND, AvilaWFT Est. 1853-1903WFT Est. 1926-1988
DURAND, Azilda
DURAND, Bâenâedite28 MAR 1995
DURAND, Barthelemy1625
DURAND, Basile
DURAND, Basile7 DEC 1769
DURAND, Beatrice
DURAND, Benjamin26 JUL 1978
DURAND, Benoãit29 MAR 179022 APR 1874
DURAND, Benoãit
DURAND, Benoãit21 MAR 180710 OCT 1889
DURAND, Benoit
DURAND, Benoit21 MAR 180710 OCT 1889
DURAND, Benoit
DURAND, Benoit-Henri29 MAY 1925
DURAND, Bernadette14 JUL 190416 SEP 1971
DURAND, Bernadette6 JAN 18836 FEB 1932
DURAND, Bernadette
DURAND, Bernadette24 AUG 18912 MAR 1931
DURAND, Bernadette
DURAND, Bernadette
DURAND, Bernard
DURAND, Bernard
DURAND, Bertha Helen
DURAND, Berthe
DURAND, Blanche
DURAND, Bobbie Jo
DURAND, Bruno9 FEB 1940
DURAND, Câecile25 APR 18963 FEB 1971
DURAND, Câelina30 JUL 1860
DURAND, Câelina12 DEC 1866
DURAND, Câeline
DURAND, Carole
DURAND, Carole
DURAND, Carole29 MAR 1961
DURAND, Caroline
DURAND, Caroline
DURAND, Casimir21 MAR 1868
DURAND, Catherine
DURAND, Catherine
DURAND, Catherine
DURAND, Cecile20 AUG 189925 JUL 1966
DURAND, Cecile Gilberte
DURAND, Celine
DURAND, Chantal
DURAND, Charles31 JAN 18807 JUL 1950
DURAND, Charles1 APR 1844
DURAND, Charles17 APR 18276 JUL 1897
DURAND, Charles13 APR 187528 SEP 1891
DURAND, Charles
DURAND, Charles26 FEB 1799
DURAND, Charles
DURAND, Charles
DURAND, Charles Auguste
DURAND, Charles Edouard11 APR 188927 JUL 1889
DURAND, Charles Edouard22 AUG 18694 APR 1870
DURAND, Charles EdouardABT 18835 SEP 1895
DURAND, Charles Edouard7 APR 186710 DEC 1878
DURAND, Charles Nephtali26 FEB 1870
DURAND, Charles-Xavier12 JUN 186013 SEP 1936
DURAND, Charlotte
DURAND, Christian28 OCT 1961
DURAND, Christiane
DURAND, Christine27 APR 1944
DURAND, ChristinePrivate
DURAND, ChristinePrivate
DURAND, Claire
DURAND, Claire17 JAN 1943
DURAND, Claire
DURAND, Claire16 MAY 192125 MAR 1942
DURAND, Clarice19 NOV 184614 DEC 1913
DURAND, Clarisse
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude4 APR 1958
DURAND, Claude
DURAND, Claude Joseph Philippe26 FEB 1938
DURAND, Claudette Marie Emilienne14 MAY 193811 JAN 1986
DURAND, Clotilde
DURAND, Colette
DURAND, Colette
DURAND, Condâe Alphonse
DURAND, Connor
DURAND, Constance
DURAND, Corinne Jeanne22 FEB 189220 NOV 1965
DURAND, Cornelia22 Feb 181628 Nov 1907
DURAND, Dâelia7 DEC 185510 FEB 1933
DURAND, Dâelima
DURAND, Dâemerise
DURAND, Daniel22 JUN 1955
DURAND, Danielle Florence15 SEP 1943
DURAND, Delina28 NOV 186228 FEB 1932
DURAND, Delire
DURAND, Delphine9 MAY 185024 APR 1927
DURAND, Demerise19-1840

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