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174 Individuals with the DUGAN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DUGAN, Aaron17 APR 1869
DUGAN, Agnes OliveFEB 188723 JAN 1888
DUGAN, Alton1895
DUGAN, AlvarettaABT 1912
DUGAN, Anna31 OCT 18687 JUL 1927
DUGAN, Annie May30 Jul 1899
DUGAN, Bobbie Eugene9 APR 19368 MAR 1970
DUGAN, Bonnie Lee19 OCT 1929
DUGAN, Brandon Wade
DUGAN, Brian
DUGAN, Brian Robinson
DUGAN, Catherine13 Jul 176719 Aug 1792
DUGAN, Cena Suzie Anna
DUGAN, Cindy
DUGAN, Clara
DUGAN, Craig Richard
DUGAN, Dana Ranee
DUGAN, Daniel
DUGAN, Daniel Martin24 MAY 186323 JAN 1926
DUGAN, Danielle Page15 DEC 1986
DUGAN, Darrel L
DUGAN, David1871
DUGAN, Deanna Kaye
DUGAN, Debbie
DUGAN, Debbie
DUGAN, Delbert Dee
DUGAN, Delbert Roy
DUGAN, Della12-12-1858
DUGAN, Dennis Nelson7 DEC 1962
DUGAN, Donald14 NOV 192213 AUG 1995
DUGAN, Earl Raymond15 DEC 1919
DUGAN, EdithABT 1862
DUGAN, ElizabethABT 1910
DUGAN, Ellen
DUGAN, EmmaFeb 1867
DUGAN, EmmaFeb 1867
DUGAN, Emma A.ABT 1845ABT 1945
DUGAN, Emmanuel NelsonPrivate
DUGAN, Eva May5 Apr 18937 Jan 1981
DUGAN, Everett Wade
DUGAN, F ?1883
DUGAN, Francis P.20 JAN 19269 MAR 1952
DUGAN, Frank1874
DUGAN, Garrett Wade
DUGAN, Guy Finton30 JAN 1963
DUGAN, Harry1891
DUGAN, Harry H.15 OCT 19197 MAR 1952
DUGAN, Hattie Virginia22 JAN 191719 NOV 1989
DUGAN, Heather Rae19 APR 1987
DUGAN, HildaABT 1906
DUGAN, Holly Renee8 OCT 1982
DUGAN, Ida Belle19071987
DUGAN, Isaiah Jackson (Jack)3 FEB 18847 APR 1970
DUGAN, James
DUGAN, James
DUGAN, JamesABT 1823
DUGAN, James F.
DUGAN, James Patrick16 JAN 1945
DUGAN, Jean Ellon16 DEC 1957
DUGAN, Jesse G1887
DUGAN, Jesse Howard28 SEP 1965
DUGAN, Jesse J.20 JUN 189424 SEP 1970
DUGAN, Jesse J.9 JAN 1917APR 1984
DUGAN, Jesse J.8 JUL 192015 NOV 1998
DUGAN, Jessica Ethel16 OCT 196116 MAY 1962
DUGAN, Joanne Marie1 APR 1959
DUGAN, John13 DEC 18761945
DUGAN, John18461917
DUGAN, JohnJUL 184515 DEC 1912
DUGAN, John6 MAR 1921MAY 1980
DUGAN, John18801910
DUGAN, John Albert "Albert"4 NOV 19112 OCT 1914
DUGAN, Joseph1861
DUGAN, Karla Ann
DUGAN, Katherine M.NOV 1908
DUGAN, Kathleen
DUGAN, KatieSEP 1880
DUGAN, KatrinaABT 1965
DUGAN, Leroy Wayne5 JUL 1959
DUGAN, Linda M.1910
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Living
DUGAN, Louisa
DUGAN, Madison Kate
DUGAN, Margaret K.10 NOV 191211 OCT 1994
DUGAN, Margaret or Peggy1751
DUGAN, MargueretteJAN 1884
DUGAN, Mark NelsonPrivate
DUGAN, Markie J.NOV 18911950
DUGAN, Martha1893
DUGAN, Martin J.26 NOV 192325 DEC 1988
DUGAN, Mary Ann1874
DUGAN, Mary AnnABT 1854
DUGAN, Mary CordeliaWFT Est 1847-1867WFT Est 1882-1951
DUGAN, Mary E.JAN 18701938
DUGAN, Melanie RennePrivate
DUGAN, Melissa1877
DUGAN, Michael William7 OCT 192117 JAN 1986
DUGAN, Michael William23 MAR 1958
DUGAN, Mordecai B.
DUGAN, Nelle Marie (Nell)21 MAR 1924
DUGAN, Nellie (?)MAY 1878
DUGAN, NoraSEP 18881960
DUGAN, Norma22 MAY 1931
DUGAN, Norman F.21 SEP 19141 AUG 1985
DUGAN, ParkerABT 1890
DUGAN, PatsyABT 1958
DUGAN, Patsy LoisPrivate
DUGAN, Patsy LoisPrivate
DUGAN, Patti June30 JUL 1953
DUGAN, Paul Richard12 DEC 1951
DUGAN, Raymond
DUGAN, Raymond1897
DUGAN, RobertABT 18071870
DUGAN, RobertABT 18071870
DUGAN, Robert Burton
DUGAN, Robert EarlDEC
DUGAN, Ronald Francis28 OCT 1960
DUGAN, Rosanna
DUGAN, Roy Edward8 DEC 1913
DUGAN, Ruby Josephine6 JUL 1921
DUGAN, Russel1900
DUGAN, Ryan Paul
DUGAN, Sandra
DUGAN, Sarah MichellePrivate
DUGAN, Scott
DUGAN, Scott John
DUGAN, Sean Michael18 OCT 1995
DUGAN, Shari Renee
DUGAN, Staci
DUGAN, Sutton F1864
DUGAN, Sylvia Drucilla4 FEB 1926
DUGAN, Therese MaryPrivate
DUGAN, Thomas1906
DUGAN, Thomas E.AUG 1878
DUGAN, Thomas J.28 JUL 1947
DUGAN, Thomas J.3 APR 1950
DUGAN, Timothy Scott7 NOV 1964
DUGAN, Todd Gregory
DUGAN, Victor J.1961
DUGAN, WildaABT 1908
DUGAN, William
DUGAN, William Edwin
DUGAN, William G1866
DUGAN, William Orville

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