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24 Individuals with the DEAVERS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
DEAVERS, Alice Cordelia
DEAVERS, Benjamin Franklin21 MAR 18891 JUL 1925
DEAVERS, Della D.DEC 18871932
DEAVERS, Denson Durwood12 MAR 188521 SEP 1968
DEAVERS, Dora M.3 SEP 187519 JUN 1926
DEAVERS, Edna E.JUL 1879
DEAVERS, Frances Matilda
DEAVERS, Jessie W. "Willie"DEC 1876
DEAVERS, John H.26 NOV 188023 MAR 1956
DEAVERS, John M.18 JUL 184220 JUN 1928
DEAVERS, Juanita L
DEAVERS, Julia Emma4 JAN 188116 AUG 1974
DEAVERS, Minnie E.JUL 187825 DEC 1966
DEAVERS, Minnie Elizabeth
DEAVERS, Rebecca A.
DEAVERS, Richard Allen20 Jul 1953
DEAVERS, Sebastin "Doc"JUL 1883
DEAVERS, Susan Diana30 Jun 1950
DEAVERS, Wayne Alan
DEAVERS, William
DEAVERS, William Fredrick

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