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118 Individuals with the CRUME Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CRUME, A Daugther (Adaaa-Cb)
CRUME, Albert U
CRUME, Anna (?)
CRUME, Arlie14 NOV 1902NOV 1972
CRUME, Armenta1856DEC 1910
CRUME, Carol
CRUME, Catherine Elizabeth1897
CRUME, Catherine Elizabeth1 SEP 19234 OCT 2005
CRUME, Charles
CRUME, Charles Allen18481899
CRUME, Charles Wesley1862
CRUME, Cyrean (Searean)
CRUME, Daniel27 JAN 17581827
CRUME, Daniel
CRUME, Daniel1735
CRUME, Daniel Mark8 JUL 179017 APR 1859
CRUME, Daniel Mark18 DEC 1818
CRUME, Ebenezer H.ABT 1844DEC 1910
CRUME, Elizabeth19 APR 1762
CRUME, Elizabeth (Adaaa-Caaaa)
CRUME, Elizabeth G.ABT 18278 AUG 1868
CRUME, Elizabeth M.6 AUG 1826
CRUME, Eunice07 DEC 177715 JUL 1857
CRUME, George18411920
CRUME, George L. (Adaaa-Caaaaa)
CRUME, Harlan
CRUME, HarleyABT 1902
CRUME, Hazel
CRUME, HenryABT 1851
CRUME, Isaac S.7 FEB 1830
CRUME, Issac17 MAR 176807 FEB 1791
CRUME, Jaime15 NOV 1976
CRUME, James
CRUME, James (Adaaa-Caa)
CRUME, James Bud28 OCT 1824
CRUME, Jason28 JUN 1970
CRUME, Jesse17791864
CRUME, Jesse
CRUME, Jesse16 JAN 176016 OCT 1824
CRUME, Jesse P.
CRUME, Jesse William
CRUME, Jody8 FEB 1987
CRUME, John1789
CRUME, John17811875
CRUME, John Savage7 JUL 1827
CRUME, John Williams
CRUME, Jonathan Wright
CRUME, Joyce
CRUME, Junius1825
CRUME, Keziah1795
CRUME, Laura
CRUME, Leah Jane18461908
CRUME, Lelia18891932
CRUME, Lelia J.1890
CRUME, Lewis R.
CRUME, Living
CRUME, Living
CRUME, Living
CRUME, Living
CRUME, Lois M.192616 JUN 1956
CRUME, Lucy G.15 FEB 18463 MAR 1950
CRUME, Lucy Green8 MAR 1823
CRUME, Margaret1791
CRUME, Mary15 MAR 175608 DEC 1817
CRUME, MaryABT 1893
CRUME, Mary C.26 SEP 18528 NOV 1947
CRUME, Mary Dodson1 OCT 1831
CRUME, Mary Elizabeth184401 MAY 1917
CRUME, Mary Jane
CRUME, Melvin
CRUME, Moses (Reverend)
CRUME, Moses, Rev27 FEB 176601 APR 1839
CRUME, Nancy1792
CRUME, Nathaniel Pinckard29 APR 1817
CRUME, Philip
CRUME, Philip Daniel09 SEP 172420 APR 1801
CRUME, Philip Jr.17521823
CRUME, Philip W.17841844
CRUME, Philip W.9 SEP 19073 JUN 1990
CRUME, Philip W.18141875
CRUME, Ralph
CRUME, Ralph12 DEC 175003 FEB 1829
CRUME, Ralph
CRUME, Ralph
CRUME, Ralph
CRUME, Ralph
CRUME, Ralph L.
CRUME, Ralph L.
CRUME, Rhoda Annis
CRUME, Rolla E
CRUME, Rufus L.
CRUME, Sarah11 NOV 17751819
CRUME, Sarah
CRUME, SarahABT 1843
CRUME, Sarah
CRUME, Sarah Ann (Sally)
CRUME, Squire1798
CRUME, Susannah10 JUL 175414 JUL 1829
CRUME, William
CRUME, William
CRUME, William
CRUME, William02 APR 176404 NOV 1795
CRUME, WilliamABT 1858
CRUME, William (Adaaa-Ca)
CRUME, William A.1 MAR 182011 NOV 1899
CRUME, William Taylor
CRUME, William Wallace1848
CRUME, William-Popham (Adaaa-Caaa)

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