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26 Individuals with the CHOQUETTE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
CHOQUETTE, AdelardABT. 187026 OCT 1940
CHOQUETTE, Almeda24 APR 189822 JUL 1977
CHOQUETTE, AmbroiseABT. 1815
CHOQUETTE, AntoineABT. 1795
CHOQUETTE, Ferdinand20 SEP 18751955
CHOQUETTE, FrancoisABT. 1755
CHOQUETTE, JacquesABT. 1840
CHOQUETTE, Joseph-Ephrem28 OCT 187717 MAR 1937
CHOQUETTE, Joseph-Exebuable6 AUG 186929 JUL 1938
CHOQUETTE, Joseph-Ludger-Hormidas20 AUG 1873
CHOQUETTE, Joseph-Roch20 FEB 1858
CHOQUETTE, Marie AmableWFT Est. 1793-1821WFT Est. 1868-1912
CHOQUETTE, Marie Louise22 NOV 189023 NOV 1953
CHOQUETTE, Marie Paule
CHOQUETTE, Marie-DelinaABT 6 AUG 18676 AUG 1931
CHOQUETTE, Marie-Louise-Albina2 FEB 186225 MAR 1946
CHOQUETTE, Marie-Rose-Anne26 JUL 1867
CHOQUETTE, Norbert23 DEC 18356 FEB 1925
CHOQUETTE, Norbert-Gregoire27 NOV 186330 APR 1949
CHOQUETTE, Octavie25 APR 185324 APR 1929
CHOQUETTE, PierreABT. 1725
CHOQUETTE, Pierre-Arthur14 SEP 1871
CHOQUETTE, Rose-de-Lima
CHOQUETTE, Sâevâerine

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