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24 Individuals with the BACTRIA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
BACTRIA, Alexandria of
BACTRIA, Amyntas ofABT 0075 BC
BACTRIA, Antialcidas ofABT 0100 BC
BACTRIA, Apame (Apama) ofABT 0345 BCAFT 0280 BC
BACTRIA, Apollodotus King ofABT 0095 BC
BACTRIA, Artabazus II Satrap ofABT 0387 BCABT 0325 BC
BACTRIA, Berenike of
BACTRIA, Calliope of
BACTRIA, Demetrios I King ofABT 0185 BC
BACTRIA, Diodotus I ofABT 0248 BC
BACTRIA, Diodotus II ofABT 0235 BC
BACTRIA, Eucritides I ofABT 0155 BC
BACTRIA, Euthydemos King ofABT 0220 BC
BACTRIA, Heiress of
BACTRIA, Heliocles I ofABT 0140 BC
BACTRIA, Heliocles of
BACTRIA, Hermaeus King of (Peshwar)ABT 0055 BC
BACTRIA, Hippostratus King of (Gandara)ABT 0070 BC
BACTRIA, Laodice of
BACTRIA, Lysias ofABT 0110 BC
BACTRIA, Miss of
BACTRIA, Miss of
BACTRIA, Spitamana Satrap ofABT 0365 BCABT 0325 BC
BACTRIA, Strato I Epiphanes King of (Mathura)AFT 0075 BC

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