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67 Individuals with the AMBUEHL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
AMBUEHL, Amy Sue26 May 1980
AMBUEHL, Andrea Nicola20 Dec 1957
AMBUEHL, Andrew Nathan8 Jun 19609 Jun 1960
AMBUEHL, Anna18891907
AMBUEHL, Annette Ann19 Oct 1964
AMBUEHL, Anthony Lee17 Jan 1954
AMBUEHL, Anton19 Jun 189428 Dec 1980
AMBUEHL, Armond Mathias3 Jan 1924
AMBUEHL, Arna Lou10 Nov 1948
AMBUEHL, Arnid LeRoy12 Dec 1957
AMBUEHL, Arthur E.28 Aug 1901
AMBUEHL, Barbara Ann28 Sep 1967
AMBUEHL, Brent20 Nov 1977
AMBUEHL, Burtis25 Dec 1933
AMBUEHL, Carol Louise13 Dec 1960
AMBUEHL, Chris20 Nov 1977
AMBUEHL, Christena18831906
AMBUEHL, Clayton25 Dec 1922
AMBUEHL, Cory Patrick20 Mar 1973
AMBUEHL, Cynthia Lou25 Jan
AMBUEHL, David Anthony4 Dec 1956
AMBUEHL, David Keith16 Aug 1957
AMBUEHL, Dean Martin26 Sep 1973
AMBUEHL, Deborah Mae4 Jun
AMBUEHL, Denise Joy10 Jun 1956
AMBUEHL, Dennis Hiliary5 Nov 1926
AMBUEHL, Edna Amelia19 APR 190225 MAY 1996
AMBUEHL, Eldred2 Jun 1928
AMBUEHL, Eldred Bernard14 Dec
AMBUEHL, Elisabeth
AMBUEHL, Elizabeth4 Apr 1951
AMBUEHL, Elizabeth18911893
AMBUEHL, Eric John13 Sep 1970
AMBUEHL, Frederick Lewis14 Feb 1977
AMBUEHL, Gerald James24 Aug 1925
AMBUEHL, Jenny Jo29 Aug 1972
AMBUEHL, Jerome Clayton1 Oct 1952
AMBUEHL, Jimmy Dale2 Apr 1946
AMBUEHL, John Allyn9 Nov 1953
AMBUEHL, Kathryn Jean30 Jun 1964
AMBUEHL, Luke Allyn18 Mar 1978
AMBUEHL, Lutzi , Jr.
AMBUEHL, Maradee Kay2 Apr 1954
AMBUEHL, Mark Allynn14 Apr 1963
AMBUEHL, Martin J.12 Jul 19002 Jan 1960
AMBUEHL, Michael John30 May 1981
AMBUEHL, Michilee Bernadette8 Aug 1980
AMBUEHL, Missy Sue12 Sep 1980
AMBUEHL, Nancy Jo8 Dec 1957
AMBUEHL, Orlin Mark8 Mar 1952
AMBUEHL, Peter3 Oct 18541939
AMBUEHL, Richard Dean19 Feb 1941
AMBUEHL, Rodney Kim
AMBUEHL, Sandra17 Jan 1956
AMBUEHL, Sarah Joy19 Oct 1975
AMBUEHL, Sharon Joy29 Jul 1947
AMBUEHL, Shelda Elaine30 Oct 1951
AMBUEHL, Susan Diane10 Jan 1955
AMBUEHL, Threasa31 Mar
AMBUEHL, Verena13 Dec 188420 Feb 1968

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