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115 Individuals with the ABBE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ABBE, Abigail13 MAY 175022 JUN 1844
ABBE, Abigail1690
ABBE, Abigail
ABBE, Abigail28 JUL 1725
ABBE, Abigail16 Nov 1689
ABBE, Abigail16 NOV 1689
ABBE, Anna Sibbel1 OCT 1860
ABBE, Benjamin4 JUN 1694
ABBE, Benjamin4 Jun 16941765
ABBE, Ebenezer31 JUL 1683
ABBE, Ebenezer
ABBE, Ebenezer31 Jul 16835 Dec 1758
ABBE, Elizabeth1680
ABBE, Elizabeth1680
ABBE, Hannah169324 MAR 1769
ABBE, Hannah27 MAR 172312 SEP 1818
ABBE, Hannah
ABBE, Hannah169324 MAR 1769
ABBE, Hannah
ABBE, Hannah
ABBE, Hepzibah14 Feb 1686
ABBE, Hepzibah14 FEB 1685/86
ABBE, Isaac
ABBE, Ivey
ABBE, John27 SEP 1692
ABBE, John15 OCT 16136 SEP 1672
ABBE, JohnABT 1695
ABBE, John18 APR 17171 AUG 1794
ABBE, JohnABT 1587
ABBE, John4 JUN 1692
ABBE, John4 Jun 169230 Oct 1790
ABBE, John
ABBE, John
ABBE, John
ABBE, John27 SEP 1692ABT 1740
ABBE, John1636/163711 Dec 1700
ABBE, John [JR]16136 Sep 1672
ABBE, Jonathan1697
ABBE, Jonathan16973 May 1757
ABBE, Joseph
ABBE, Lucretia
ABBE, Marg7 JUL 1766
ABBE, Mariah
ABBE, Mariah or MaryABT 16422 May 1721
ABBE, Martha
ABBE, Mary1674
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary25 JAN 17153 AUG 1788
ABBE, Mary21 SEP 17124 MAR 1735
ABBE, Mary21 Sep 17124 Mar 1735
ABBE, Mary21 SEP 17124 MAR 1735/36
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary4 MAR 1656/57
ABBE, Mary24 MAR 1755
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary1674ABT 1739
ABBE, Mary3 FEB 1688/89
ABBE, Mary6 SEP 168428 NOV 1763
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary
ABBE, Mary A.182619 JUL 1882
ABBE, Mercy1 Mar 1684/1685
ABBE, Mercy
ABBE, Mercy
ABBE, Mercy1 MAR 1683/84
ABBE, Nathan6-MAY-17141800
ABBE, Nathan
ABBE, Obadiah
ABBE, Obadiah15 JUN 1752
ABBE, Obadiah164928 Oct 1732
ABBE, Obidiah18 FEB 172815 APR 1745
ABBE, Penelope24 MAR 1755
ABBE, Peter20 JUL 1769
ABBE, Phineas22 NOV 1746
ABBE, Rachel
ABBE, Rachel
ABBE, Rebecca1643Jun 1704
ABBE, Rebecca
ABBE, Richard1 AUG 173528 SEP 1807
ABBE, Russell7 Jul 1828
ABBE, Samuel16501699
ABBE, Samuel167515 Jan 1736/1737
ABBE, Samuel1675
ABBE, Samuel1650Mar 1697/1699
ABBE, Sarah4 Jul 1686
ABBE, Sarah26 MAR 171812 MAY 1785
ABBE, SarahABT 16621704
ABBE, Sarah31 MAR 168416 FEB 1731/32
ABBE, Sarah31 MAR 168416 FEB 1732
ABBE, Sarah
ABBE, Sarah
ABBE, Sarah1638
ABBE, Sarah4 JUL 168614 JAN 1774
ABBE, Simeon3 FEB 1772
ABBE, Stephen29 May 1825
ABBE, Submit12 FEB 17553 MAR 1830
ABBE, Tabitha29 MAR 1696
ABBE, Tabitha
ABBE, Tabitha9 JUL 172012 JUN 1787
ABBE, Thomas
ABBE, Thomas30 OCT 1686ABT 1759
ABBE, Thomas5 FEB 1655/5617 MAY 1728
ABBE, Thomas11 APR 17311 JUN 1811
ABBE, Thomas1678
ABBE, Thomas5 FEB 165617 MAY 1728
ABBE, Thomas
ABBE, Thomas16781 Apr 1700
ABBE, Thomas30 OCT 1686
ABBE, Thomas22 MAR 1764
ABBE, Thomas Jr.
ABBE, Tryphosa28 DEC 176220 NOV 1820
ABBE, ZerviahABT 176119 NOV 1806

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