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32 Individuals with the ZUBE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZUBE, Allison
ZUBE, Arthur C.12 APR 189518 FEB 1914
ZUBE, Beth Ann
ZUBE, Bradley
ZUBE, Calvin
ZUBE, Carl13 JUN 189529 JUL 1969
ZUBE, Carl E.22 FEB 184228 JAN 1932
ZUBE, Carl John4 JAN 1982
ZUBE, Edwin Leo20 MAR 1988
ZUBE, Emil18651930
ZUBE, Emma Ottilie18701941
ZUBE, Emory19 AUG 1920MAR 1962
ZUBE, Ernst187624 AUG 1946
ZUBE, Fredrick Guy6 JAN 19518 JAN 1951
ZUBE, Georg
ZUBE, Ida10 APR 18789 FEB 1951
ZUBE, Katherine
ZUBE, Kelly
ZUBE, Lynn
ZUBE, Mary Jean28 JUN 1954
ZUBE, Neil
ZUBE, OttoDEC 1867
ZUBE, Paul Roald29 OCT 192821 JUL 1998
ZUBE, Richard
ZUBE, Robert Gustav8 AUG 18724 JUN 1961
ZUBE, Robert Thomas24 DEC 1986
ZUBE, Scott Jay22 MAR 1963
ZUBE, Stanley LeRoy26 JUL 1957
ZUBE, Steven Paul29 JUN 1952
ZUBE, Susan
ZUBE, Walter Armand26 SEP 1896NOV 1978
ZUBE, Wesley

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