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24 Individuals with the ZOGG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ZOGG, Albert12 AUG 1899
ZOGG, Anna
ZOGG, Anna Margarethe2 NOV 190325 DEC 2000
ZOGG, Barbara12 JAN 189326 FEB 1975
ZOGG, Barbara
ZOGG, ElsbethWFT Est. 1779-1802WFT Est. 1830-1874
ZOGG, John
ZOGG, Lauren
ZOGG, Leonard14 AUG 18561940
ZOGG, Leonard John10 FEB 189528 NOV 1918
ZOGG, Leonard Wayne25 MAR 1919SEP 1994
ZOGG, Marie Hendriene3 NOV 1888MAY 1983
ZOGG, Mary
ZOGG, Mary
ZOGG, Matilda16 AUG 18901983
ZOGG, Michael18291889
ZOGG, Michael18871887
ZOGG, Michael G.25 SEP 194913 JUN 2004
ZOGG, Roger
ZOGG, Virginia
ZOGG, Wilhelmina15 JAN 1897
ZOGG, William Theodore10 JUL 1906

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